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Red Hot Nickel Ball Proves These Eggs Certainly Are Tough to Crack

It's always fun to watch a Red Hot Nickel Ball completely destroy something. But sometimes it's more impressive that nothing happens. Like these eggs – they're practically invincible! Read More >>

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There's No Better Breakfast Than Scrambled Eggs at 39,024 FPS

It's time for breakfast. Eggs? Check. Slingshot? Uh, check. Slow-motion camera? ...check? OK so maybe it's not your average breakfast experience, but it makes one hell of a case for scrambled eggs. Read More >>

Uh, Why Is an Artist Living Inside a Floating Wooden Egg For a Year?

There's a strong probability you'd go crazy living inside of an egg, despite the fact that you actually came from one. But artist Stephen Turner is up to the challenge. Starting this month, he'll be taking up residence in the Exbury Egg, a self-sustaining studio/home/boat/monument to fertility, for the next 365 days. Read More >>

Scrambling Eggs Inside Its Shells to Make Scrambled Hard Boiled Eggs Looks So Fun

Here's a fun little cooking trick for you to try: scramble eggs inside its shell so that you can make scrambled hard boiled eggs. Meaning the entire egg will be perfectly golden all around. Delicious! Read More >>

Sexy Pulsating Eggs Earned Alien its 18 Certificate

When Alien was released here in 1979 it was given an "X" rating under the old cinema classification system, but not because of its chest-bursting horror. It was due to censors thinking the alien eggs would be a bit too weird and sexy for the innocent kids of the day. Read More >>

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The Goopy Explosion of Eggs Being Destroyed in Slow Motion Is Actually Pretty Epic

Not only are eggs delicious any which way you cook 'em, they're gooey fun when you break 'em too. And when you break eggs in slow motion, the fun turns spectacularly epic. Slicing eggs with swords, smashing eggs with tennis rackets and drilling holes into eggs—it's a hot sticky mess that's kinda hard to stop staring at. Read More >>

Scientists Create Healthy Mice Using Eggs Made From Stem Cells

A team of Japanese scientists has managed to turn mouse stem cells into viable eggs—that can be inseminated and go on to produce normal, healthy mouse pups. The finding has massive implications for the development of infertility treatments in the future. Read More >>

The Easter Eggs Are Back In OS X—and This One Is Great

Right after Steve Jobs came back to lead Apple, he declared a total ban on software Easter Eggs and credits in the About box of every product made in Cupertino. They are back now. And this one is insanely great: Read More >>

Are These the Eggs That Technology Hath Wrought?

As anyone who knows me well will tell you, I make some mean deviled eggs. It would be pretty hard to improve upon my deviled eggs. Read More >>

China's Urine-Boiled Eggs Are a Cultural Delicacy I Will Not Try

If there's one thing the city of Dongyang is famous for, it's the town's local delicacy—Virgin Boy Eggs. No, they aren't the the testicles of children as one might guess, just regular chicken eggs...that have been boiled and steeped in the urine of elementary school students. Read More >>

Women Might Replenish Their Eggs Like Men Do Sperm

Until about 2004, most scientists believed that women were born will all the reproductive eggs they would have for the rest of their lives. Then a scientist named Jonathan Tilly published research that claimed women might actually replenish their supply of eggs throughout their lives. Read More >>

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Watch This Life-Sized Tank Get Built Out of Egg Cartons

Building a tank out of egg cartons isn't the most conventional way to support Britain's soldiers. But sculptor Stuart Murdoch went against conventions to make his own, pretty awesome, life-sized replica of the British Army's tank: the FV4034 Challenger 2. A lot of work went into this "egg"-cellent piece of carton engineering, which took over 500 hours and 5,000 egg cartons -- as shown in the time-lapsed video. Read More >>

You Can (and Must) Cook Eggs in a Waffle Iron

Sure, it's just egg. Who cares. Crack 'er in a frying pan, let it fry. Why bother caring? It's not like there are better options out there — oh wait, your entire goddamn life just changed. Waffle iron eggs. Yeah. Read More >>


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