Albert Einstein Wanted to Create the Best Fridge Ever That Would Last a Century

Did you know Albert Eistein wanted to make a fridge? Seriously. The greatest brain in modern physics dedicated a lot of time in trying to create a long lasting, energy efficient, environmentally friendly refrigerator. Read More >>

Five of Physics's Greatest Sex Scandals

Physicists need love, too. Just ask Paul Frampton, the physics professor who was sentenced recently after an alleged scam involving drugs and a bikini model. Read More >>

Scientists Make Light Travel Infinitely Fast

A team of scientists is claiming to have achieved the seemingly impossible: it's managed to create a nanoscale device which allows light to travel infinitely fast. But how the hell did they do it, and what does it mean? Read More >>

Do You Know the Rest of Einstein's Most Famous Equation?

He's synonymous with genius, but Albert Einstein is also best known for what is easily the world's most famous equation, E=mc². But did you know that it's actually a shortened version of a longer equation? Read More >>

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Inside the Office of Albert Einstein

Today is the anniversary of Albert Einstein's death in 1955. His passing was a huge loss, not just to physics but the entire academy—and, in the hours following his demise, photographer Ralph Morse managed to capture Einstein's Princeton office, just as he'd left it. Read More >>

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The One-Minute Explanation of Einstein's Most Famous Equation: E=mc2

Most of us don't know much about Einstein. Minutephysics has spent the past month trying to beat a little context into our pea-sized dummy brains beyond, like, E=mc2. But it's about time we got to learning the big one. Read More >>

Einstein's BRAIN Wheeled Out As Part of Educational Freak Show

The latest Wellcome Collection show is all about the human brain and what we've done to it over the years. One of the highlights for brain enthusiasts will be the chance to see two small slices of the brain that powered Albert Einstein to glory. Read More >>

Explore Einstein's Brain Through His Notes and Letters

More than ten years after its inception, the online archive of Albert Einstein's life and work relaunched this week with tons of new content — including more than 2000 high-resolution documents. Nerds, have at it! Read More >>

How Einstein Fixed All of Physics with the Special Theory of Relativity

The Special Theory of Relativity. It's the most famous thing the most famous physicist ever did, but what makes it so special? Turns out, it helped prove that we could, uhh, move. Seriously. Here's the latest in MinutePhysics' crusade to educate the stupid, stupid world about Einstein. [MinutePhysics] Read More >>

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How Einstein Proved the Size and Existence of Atoms

Did you know that Einstein was born on Pi Day? The man's awesomeness is immeasurable. Anyway, it's Albert's birthday, and Minute Physics is continuing its mission to educate we the idiots of the world about what Einstein actually did. Here, he's calculating the size of atoms just by observing water and air. [Minute Physics] Read More >>

What Einstein Actually Said About Light Particles

When someone says Einstein, you think "E=mc2," Relativity, and funny haircuts. But most of us don't have a clue about the specific scientific contributions he made. That ain't right. So here's Minute Physics breaking down one of the scientific breakthroughs that turned the German patent clerk into a Nobel Prize winner. [MinutePhysics] Read More >>

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Einstein Actually Had Excellent Grades

Contrary to popular belief, Einstein wasn't a bad student at all. Apparently, that's something that real bad students made up, because he got excellent grades. His certificate of qualification for university matriculation — what in Europe called A-levels — demonstrates this. Read More >>

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Watch This Stunning 3D-Printed Shadow Portrait Transform from Einstein to Marilyn Monroe

Remember those shifting pin-pictures — the ones with the ridged plastic that changed as they were tilted? This is the same basic idea, but way more awesome. Super genius turns to super model in the blink of an eye. Read More >>

Most of Einstein's Brain Is Now Concentrated in New Jersey and Philadelphia

What, you didn't think academia would just let the finest mind in science rot do you? When Einstein died in 1955, his grey matter was preserved for posterity. Now, 46 sliver's of his thinking cap have been donated to Philadelphia's Mütter Museum, USA. Read More >>

Your Kindle Gets Heavier as You Add Ebooks to It

Mustachioed UC Berkeley computer science professor John Kubiatowicz told the NY Times that your Kindle gets heavier when you add e-books. Don't worry, though, you won't feel it with your hand, or with any scale that we've ever created. Read More >>


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