Meet CUPID: The Drone That Will Shoot You With an 80,000 Volt Taser

Are drones not scary enough for you yet? How about this? A drone helicopter that spots you and identifies you as an intruder. It tells you to stop and put your hands behind your head. Instead, you keep coming. The drone then shoots you with barbed Taser darts that pump 80,000 volts into you. If you try to get up, it will continue pumping voltage into you until you submit and the authorities arrive. Read More >>

You Should Be Able to Trade In Any Old USB Charger For an Apple One

After all the reports of people seemingly being electrocuted by fake Apple chargers, Tim Cook and crew have decided to start operating a charger amnesty. Bring in any old USB charger with your iPhone, iPad or iPod and Apple'll sell you a shiny-white Apple one, for £6.50. Read More >>

Family Claims iPhone Electrocuted Their Daughter

The family of a 23-year-old Chinese girl are claiming she was electrocuted by her iPhone, with a post on a local social network suggesting the girl died after answering a call. Read More >>

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Which Hurts More, AC or DC Electricity?

If you mange to get yourself electrocuted, you probably won't care too much what type of electricity is pumping through your body. But this video takes a playful look at whether AC or DC current will hurt more when that day comes. Read More >>

Soothe Your Achey Joints by Sticking Each Limb Into Its Own Tiny, Electrified Bathtub

What looks like some horrific, early 20th century polygraph test cum torture chamber was, in fact, a gentle medical solution to a common, achey problem. Read More >>


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