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Yes! This Is Exactly Why Writing Emails Is So Horrible

I have to write a lot of emails. A lot of emails. Each and every one is like traversing the highway to hell. If you're anything like me, you know exactly why that is, but this video from Domics sums it up so perfectly it makes want to die and never write another email again. Read More >>

Apple Is Deleting iCloud Emails That Have the Phrase 'Barely Legal Teen' in Them

Something really weird is happening to iCloud emails. It turns out, Apple is straight up deleting emails sent from iCloud email accounts that have the phrase "barely legal teen" in them. Like, if you sent out an email that included that phrase in the body of the message, it would never actually be sent to the person. Huh? Read More >>

Are You Getting Less Spam Mail?

The Economist has a chart from Kaspersky Lab, a security firm, that shows that spam mail is on a decline. Supposedly, it's a combination of spam filters actually working, the authentication of senders and more police crackdowns on Nigerian princes. In fact, in the past year, junk mail has declined from around 80 per cent to 67 per cent. Do you guys agree with this study? Are you noticing less spam in your inboxes? Read More >>

Volkswagen Gives Staff a Break, Deactivates BBM for the Evenings

Some of Volkswagen's staff in Germany are now forced to take things a little easier in the evenings, with the company switching off its email servers 30 minutes before home time so they can eat dinner in peace. Read More >>


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