This Amiga 500 Emulator is So Awesome

If you're tired of modern computing, how about mucking around with an Amiga 500 instead? Thanks to Google developer Christian Stefansen you can do just that, and it's awesome. Read More >>

This Is What iOS 7 Will Look Like on the iPad

Despite Apple not really showing us what iOS 7 on the larger screened iDevices will look like -- just the iPhone and iPod touch -- it seems the iOS 7 emulator has a load of secrets to unveil. Here's what an iPad with iOS 7 will probably look like. Read More >>

Play Whole Bunch of SNES and NES Games For Free, Right In Your Browser

It's Friday, it's kind of cold, yet sunny outside, and you sure as hell don't want to be stuck in work. But if you have to be physically present at your desk, you could do so much worse than playing a whole bunch of Nintendo classics like Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Zelda, Bomberman, and Street Fighter, free and right in your browser. Read More >>

The Only Reason to Use a PlayBook Is DOS

If you hop to Canada, you can pick up a PlayBook for a mere 130 odd quid. But even discounted, is it worth it? If you install 20-year-old software on it, sure! That's right. I'd rather have a PlayBook running DOS. Read More >>

BlackBerry PlayBook's Killer New Feature, Android, Demonstrated on Video

The long-awaited Android app player for BlackBerry has been demonstrated by a developer, giving PlayBook owners a future reason to stay loyal. It's Android, in a little window, courtesy of RIM's BBX 2.0 OS. [MacBerry via BGR] Read More >>


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