Engineers are Tracking American Football Helmet Data to Study Head Injuries

The prevalence of head injuries is the dark side of American Football. Now a University of Michigan engineering lab is installing sensors inside helmets which can help measure impact and spot potential brain injuries that might go undetected. Read More >>

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Spare Parts + Dyson Engineers = Awesome Remote Control Bots

What happens when you give a load of Dyson engineers a bunch of spare parts and tell them to make remote control bots for a Robot-Wars-meets-Wipeout-style assault course? The Dyson Ball Challenge, and, err, some really strange-looking droids, that's what. Read More >>

Microsoft Is Trying to Poach Amazon and Google Employees By Giving Out Free Bacon

Microsoft is trying to hire new employees by luring them with god's greatest creation, the devil's most delicious treat and man's greatest love: bacon. They've set up a bacon cart (!) outside of Amazon's offices and will give away free bacon to everyone. EAT BACON, WORK MICROSOFT. Read More >>

Apple's Incredible Post-PC Engineer Army

Sometimes it seems like Apple's using tech from the future, and apparently Cupertino has an army of 1,000 engineers working on future Post-PC chips to keep it that way. Read More >>


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