Genius Photographer Recreates Iconic E.T. Movie Poster in Real Life

Anyone who was a child once upon a time has probably dreamed about making their bicycles fly across the full moon like in E.T. Awesome photographer Philipp Schmidli actually did that. He recreated the iconic E.T. movie poster by snapping an awesome picture of a biker riding off a ramp against the backdrop of a giant moon. Read More >>

Stunning Behind-the-Scenes Photos Show Iconic Movies in a New Light

We love the magic of the movies, that trickery that lets us believe in beautiful robots, time-travelling scientists, wolf men, and flying superheroes. But sometimes it's fun to peek behind the curtain, and see the secrets and candid faces behind our favourite films. Read More >>

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ET Meets Alien: Prepare to Have Your Favourite Childhood Film Ruined

What happens if you ask a bunch of film students to make a 30-second film for ET: The Extraterrestrial? A scary-as-feck horror film, that's what. There's something just wrong about iconic ET shots like the glowing finger and the boy framed against the moon, with a backdrop of people running away and ethereal, haunting music. Christmas cheer this is not. [Vimeo via io9] Read More >>

E.Tree Found Near Swindon

HOT NEWS IN WILTSHIRE! A 70-year old pensioner called Ken has discovered an effigy of everyone’s favourite extra-terrestrial hiding in a tree Read More >>

ET Causes Water Rescue Ruckus in Portsmouth After Not Phoning Home

Old Portsmouth saw a flurry of activity after a 999 call sent the coast guard and police rushing into action to rescue a plastic replica of everyone's favourite childhood alien, ET. Of course neither the caller, nor the emergency services suspected the mysterious disheveled body spotted floating five miles off shore was plastic until they got it back to dry land. Read More >>


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