The Internet Doesn't Mean You Don't Have to Write Thank You Notes

The internet has changed the rules for a lot of things: dating, buying groceries, ordering takeout, etc. to the power of 10. But it hasn't changed basic manners. Meaning, you still have to write thank you notes. Read More >>

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An Easy Trick To Help You Remember Birthdays Offline

Facebook has basically made remembering birthdays meaningless. With automatic reminders, it's just as easy to wish a happy birthday to your own mother as it is to wish one to that random girl you think you maybe lived down the hall from you in the freshman dorms. But it doesn't take much more effort to show that you're really thinking of the people you actually care about. Here's how: Read More >>

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8 Ways to Make People Hate You on the Internet

The Internet is not that hard. We all know that, right? But some people out there (probably duckface selfie-ing on Facebook right now) just aren't very good at the Internet. They just don't get it. Read More >>

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Stop Asking Your Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

I had 72 pending like requests for pages until yesterday. I just cleaned them all out, with great prejudice. Some were from close friends, one was from a guy I went on a couple of OKCupid dates with two years ago, one was from my mom's neighbour's daughter. I'm not really even sure what they were for—a Brooklyn-based upstart production company, a DJ night, a jewellry making night? One might have been an African orphanage? Who cares! I'm awful. But so are you and so is everyone. Read More >>

What the Proper Phone Etiquette Is Around the World

My brain tickles itself when something brand new gets invented. Something like a smartphone, and how different habits and customs form in each culture around that new smartphone. A brand new form of etiquette specific to each country is then created all over the world. Perhaps, in some countries, they call more than they text. Maybe in others WhatsApp trumps SMS. Maybe it's e-mail. Maybe in some hellish place, phones are used openly in cinemas. Read More >>

Let's Not Use James Gandolfini's Death to Sell Sopranos DVDs Amazon

James Gandolfini, a terrific actor and by all accounts, a great guy, passed away last night after suffering a heart attack. That's unimaginably sad news for his family, for his friends, for his fans, for acting, and for anyone who hates to see good people taken away too soon. For Amazon though, it was a despicable chance to sell some Sopranos DVDs. Read More >>

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You Don't Have to Be Cool On The Internet

Everyone wants to be cool, but no one wants to admit it. In spite of that, since the beginning of the internet, people have been formulating an ever-evolving script for achieving coolness. It's confusing, and often contradictory. We've certainly told you what to do and what not to do plenty of times. But maybe it's time to throw out the script. Read More >>

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7 Internet Faux Pas and How to Recover From Them

Everyone has felt that feeling. You posted something on Facebook that pissed off a friend. You Instagrammed a mortifying picture of your sister. They're pissed. How do you smooth things over? Read More >>

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How to Not Get Stuck Sitting Next to a Jerk at Dinner

Ugh, it never fails. No matter the size of the group, you always seem to get stuck sitting next to someone you'd rather not be — an overtly intoxicated uncle at your brother's wedding, a co-worker that believes closed-mouth chewing is more suggestion than rule, or the girl you wish you hadn't started a conversation with at a party. Read More >>

The Void of Losing Someone You Don’t Know — in Memory of Aaron Swartz

I didn't know Aaron Swartz personally. We never spoke, not in person nor by email. Read More >>

Everybody Should Follow These Rules for Using Their Phone

Because everyone has the freaking internet on their phone these days, we've forgotten common decency in how to use them. There is such thing as phone etiquette! And we should all follow such rules. Cartoonist Ted Slampyak created propaganda-style posters that details a few rules on how to use a phone in public. Read More >>

Counterpoint: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People Using iMessage

Nobody enjoys being ignored. It is the worst, most loathsome feeling in the world. And being ignored via text message is the double worst, because your whole body is practically salivating for that familiar chime or buzz alert, and it just. never. comes. It's like the worst, most emotionally fraught, prolonged sneeze. Have I made my point? Read More >>

Please Don't Tweet that You're Carrying the Olympic Torch While You're Carrying the Olympic Torch

Not to be outdone by Usher's Saturday Night Live misstep last week, Will.I.Am took advantage of his free hand while carrying the Olympic torch to live tweet the moment. Read More >>

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There's One Very Important Time You Should Always Lie Online

Using the internet is only worthwhile if you can show off the perverse and wonderful things you've found on it. So, now that we're always online and always in touch, we're constantly sharing links. But what if you've seen it already? Lie. Read More >>

Force Smartphone Addicts to Pay for Your Meal with This Ingenius Game

It's become decorum to place your phone atop the restaurant table before (and while) you dine. But just because it's the status quo doesn't mean it's not annoying and gross. Use this brilliant test of will to punish pathetic talk-and-texters. Read More >>

Gizmodo's Guide to IM Etiquette

Everyone has an obnoxious instant messenger friend. If you don't, it's probably you. Our parents didn't come of age in the days of MSN and AOL, so it's unlikely that they were able to pass on the finer points of internet manners. Well, Mumma Gizmodo is here for you, baby. Now suckle from our teat of wisdom. Read More >>


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