Embossed Rolling Pins Let Bakers Sign Their Creations

Painters always sign their canvases, so why shouldn't bakers—proud of their tasty treats—not sign their work as well? But since pens don't work on dough, and markers are probably an even worse idea, Etsy seller Zuzia Zuber will create a custom rolling pin for you, embossed with a repeating pattern of "made by (your name here)." Read More >>

Toolbox Chess Sets Make You the Bobby Fischer of the Building Site

Grabbing your toolbox and tackling a few repairs around the house can certainly teach you some new and useful skills. But if you really want to better yourself, and increase your brain power, you'll reach for these lovely toolbox chess sets instead. Read More >>

The Perfect Valentine's Day Card for Our Times

You haven't made Valentine's Day plans yet. That's okay! Who needs 'em? Manufactured holiday, singlehood empowerment, overpriced prix fixe menus. But if you must make a romantic gesture next month, let it be this card. It sums up modern relationships pretty much perfectly. Read More >>

Arcade Alarm Clock: The Konami Code Won't Buy You More Shuteye

It might have given you invincibility or unlimited ammo on the countless games that acknowledged it, but sadly the Konami code won't buy you a single second of extra sleep on this custom Xronos alarm clock. But the large scoreboard-like LED display and use of authentic console buttons will have you wondering if you fell asleep at the arcade again. Read More >>

You Won't Mind That This Giant Lens Is Soft

Photographers shouldn't mind adding this massive fisheye lens to their studio setups even though it's described as soft, and is made of wood. It's actually a stool designed to look like a Canon lens, but with enough changes to skirt any lawsuits or legal repercussions. Read More >>

The Best Possible Use For All Your Mismatched Socks

As cliched as the problem sounds, socks really do have a way of going missing in the wash. But why resort to just throwing single socks away, or suffering the embarrassment of wearing a mismatched pair, when you can just stitch them all together into a eye-catching throw rug? Read More >>

app of the day
Etsy for iPad: The Homemade Hipster Haven Goes Tablet

Chocolates shaped like bike wheels. Artisanal pen ink. Vegan beard oil. These are just a few things you might on Etsy. Now you can browse the online market for homemade goods on your iPad. Read More >>

Medieval Hoodie Makes You a Knight In Shining Cotton

One hit from a sword and you'll be dead faster than your social standing once you wear this out in public, but you won't find a more comfortable suit of armour than this plated hoodie created by Etsy seller Chadwick Dillon. Read More >>

I Want All These Impossibly Cool 8-Bit Cross-Stitches

Star Wars, Monty Python, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Ghostbusters, Justice League, Batman, Pretty In Pink, Ferris Bueller, even the Golden Girls. These 8-bit cross-stitching patterns are all awesome and incredibly charming. Just perfect nostalgia pixels. I want to make a blanket with all of them. Read More >>

Are Double Ears a Genetic Disorder Or a Freaky Fashion Trend?

Whoa. It's probably a little too late on a Saturday to fully comprehend what you're seeing here, but artist Percy Lau has created this trippy earring design which makes it look like you've got a smaller ear growing off your lobe. Freaky. Read More >>

Handle Bar-Mounted Tallboys Are the Best Thing Since Fixed Gears

Look, it doesn't matter how tight your trews are or how ironic your mustache is—you simply can't be crowned King of the Hipsters sporting a frame-mounted wine rack. To carry the King's 22 oz scepter, your ride needs a Bicycle Can Cage. Read More >>

These Vintage Cameras Died So Your iPhone Could Have a Hip Place To Dock

It's getting harder and harder to find film for older SLR cameras. So Etsy seller LaboratorioAltieri guts them and gives them a new lives as stylish USB docks for iOS devices. Retro camera enthusiasts might want to look away. Read More >>

star wars
Get These Carbonite-Frozen Han Solo Crayons Before Lucas's Empire Strikes Back

I'm not sure how the Lucasfilm marketing machine hasn't invaded the world of crayons already, but it looks like Etsy seller extramoneyformommy is the first to the market with a set shaped like Han Solo in his carbonite prison. Read More >>

star wars
Thanks to Star Wars, People Can Make Money Selling Wads Of Hair

There are enough Princess Leia hairbun facsimiles online to choke a Wookiee. But for those of you who couldn't craft their way out of a paper bag puppet, here's a homemade pair you can actually buy. Read More >>

DIY Junk Shop Etsy Launches iOS App

The amazingly hit-and-miss crafts site Etsy has made its own iOS app, which lets fans of things made out of sticks and leaves and saliva browse and buy stuff through their mobiles. Read More >>

Turn Classic Literature Into an iPhone Charging Dock

Etsy member inbook has developed a decorative charging stand that merges two of our favorite things -- our iPhone and classic literature. Read More >>


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