Europol Warns Users to Stop Using Public Wi-Fi Hotspots for Sensitive Tasks

The pure joy of connecting a working and fully free hotspot could be leaving you open to attack, according to advice from Europol's cybercrime chief, who suggests steering clear of both secure and insecure public Wi-Fi unless you want hackers stealing your identity, data and dignity. Read More >>

Europe's Space Agency Launching Planet-Finder Satellite Observatory in 2024

The European Space Agency will be launching its PLATO mission in the distant space year of 2024, hunting for stars with life-supporting planets from the clear orbital skies. PLATO stands for Planetary Transits and Oscillations of stars, which sounds best read to yourself in your finest whimsical Brian Cox impression. Read More >>

Cheap Return Flights to Europe is Your "Wunderbar, Mein Liebchen" Deal of the Day

To quote good ol' Madge: Holiday! Celebrate! If we took a holiday, took some time to celebrate just one day out of life, it would be, it would be so nice. Unquote. However, holidays are expensive which can make something supposedly relaxing more stressful than it needs be. Read More >>

Europe Shouldn't Let Silicon Valley Have all the Parties

As a Gizmodo reader you already know what technology is all about. You come here because you love tech and the amazing transformations it performs. You love it because it makes life easier, better, or at least more amusing. And you love the way that technology offers hope for solving some of the big problems in the world, like people not being able to watch a video on a big enough telly. Read More >>

Sony's Smartphone Ambitions Include Being the Third Biggest-Seller In Europe

Sony's new boss Kazuo Hirai has revealed that the tech giant has no plans to aggressively push its smartphones in the US or China, the two largest marketplaces for mobiles. He appears to be happy enough with just 2.2 per cent of the global market via a relatively decent performance in Europe and Japan. Read More >>

Google and EU Ready to Call Off Anti-Competition Battle

The EU and Google might be ready to end their fight over the search giant's manipulation of results to favour listings for its own stuff, after Google suggested some alterations to its methods that seem to have gone down quite well with European Commission bosses. Read More >>

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Fall Into This Mesmerising Timelapse of Famous European Buildings

Even if you've never seen them in person, we've all gotten glimpses of places like the Arc de Triomphe on television, in magazines or wherever. And most likely those brief encounters have even been high res. But Luke Shepard's Nightvision takes images of famous European architecture to a whole stunning new level. Read More >>

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Europe Gone Mad: Printer Companies Will Be Forced to Pay Copyright Holders Because of Possible Piracy

I'm not normally one for hyperbole when it comes to Europe, but this is just plain insane. The European Court of Justice has just ruled that printer companies will have to pay levies to copyright holders because you, the user, could print out something copyrighted without permission. What the actual hell? Read More >>

New Cars Will Have Emergency GPS and Help-Calling Systems From 2015

The European Commission has signed off legislation covering its proposed eCall device, which will require car makers to stick a GPS device and automatic calling system inside every car. The idea being it instantly phones for help if you have an accident and might, therefore, save lives. Read More >>

France Considers Phone and Tablet Tax to Force Funding of the Arts

France may introduce a one per cent sales tax on all smartphones and tablets sold in the country, with the money raised funnelled off into an arts fund to back the supposedly more intellectual pursuits of film, art and music. Read More >>

Microsoft Consortium Complains About Anti-Competitive Android "Trojan Horse"

A group of tech and search firms led by Microsoft has lodged a complaint with the EU regarding Google's "predatory" distribution of Android, claiming the free OS is disrupting the market and making it harder for others to compete. Read More >>

EU Parliament Totally Into Porn -- No Ban For Now

The European Parliament has decided against introducing any continent-wide blanket ban on internet porn, as a last-minute change in wording removed controversial porn outlawing concepts from gender equality legislation. Read More >>

PS4 Launching in "At Least" One Country at the End of 2013

Sony's big PS4 announcement event claimed the machine will see a launch at the end of 2013. But where? America? Japan? Here? Everywhere? Just on the International Space Station? Even Sony doesn't seem to know the answer to that one yet. Read More >>

Apple Forced to Kill the Mac Pro In Europe From March 1st

Here's some bizarre fallout from an EU ruling on the safety of electrical equipment. Apple's being forced to stop selling the Mac Pro in Europe from March, including the UK, because it's got exposed fans and they're dangerous, apparently. Read More >>

EU Wants "No Terrorists" Clause Added to ISP Contracts and a Big Red Terrorist Reporting Button

The EU's CleanIT group has published plans on how it believes terrorist use of the web could be curtailed, with one laughably useless suggestion saying that ISPs should add a clause to their contracts insisting that people don't use their web connections for evil purposes. That's sure to work. Read More >>

Europe Bets €1Billion on Graphene as the Next Big Thing in... Everything

A big pot of Europe's money is being channeled in the direction of miraculous super future material graphene, with an enormous €1billion grant about to fund a decade of development work into new uses for the ingenious carbon product. Read More >>


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