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A Song About Facebook Is Probably the Worst Eurovision Song Ever

OK, I’ve heard some really, really bad Eurovision songs in my time. But this, well, this takes the biscuit. Facebook, uh oh oh – is that the sound of the poor bloke on the keyboard being forced to twinkle on the keys at knifepoint? Read More >>

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We're Just Bound to Win This Year's Eurovision Song Contest With This Stunner

The UK’s tactical Engelbert Humperdinck-powered Eurovision assault has been officially unveiled for your listening pleasure. Now we’re just bound to win. Read More >>

UK Tactically Deploys Engelbert Humperdinck in EU Crisis Zone

It's usually Germany or Finland that's the comedy entry at Eurovision. This year it's going to be us, thanks to the BBC's decision to send Engelbert Humperdinck out to Azerbaijan to represent the nation. Read More >>


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