Labour is Planning a Benefit-Claimant Kicking Too, With Maths & English Tests for All

If the Labour party was to win the next general election it would introduce a "basic skills test" for unemployed benefits claimants, with the power to stop payments being made to those who fail a maths and English test and refuse training to rectify their numeracy and literacy problems. Read More >>

Good GCSE Results? Thank Your Parents, as it Might all be Genetic

Soon, a DNA test might be able to tell you whether it's worth revising for exams or not, as new research suggests that genetic factors are much more important than schoolwork or home life when it comes to determining future exam successes. Read More >>

"Gut Reaction" Scientific Love Test May Predict Chance of a Successful Marriage

Scientists have come up with a modern take on the age old concept of the love test, which they claim successfully measures whether partners are actually suited to each other or just going along with it all for the sake of it. Read More >>

"Tech Levels" are the New A-Level Equivalent for Practical Students, Apparently

The government plans to further alter the educational system by introducing Tech Levels, which will be an A-Level equivalent qualification for those taking skills-based vocational courses. When will the government's education meddling end? Read More >>

GCSEs Switching to 1-8 Numbered Grades, Lessening Reliance on Coursework

The ways in which the brains of the youth of the nation are graded is set to change from 2015, with the government apparently deciding to bin the A-G scoring system and lessen the importance of coursework in a refreshed GCSE system. Read More >>

Rogue Driving Test Examiner Pocketed £3,000 in Return for Guaranteeing a Pass

Police busted a driving test examiner this week, accusing him of pocketing large sums of money in exchange for securing test success for otherwise dodgy drivers. Read More >>

Students Forced Through 23-Hour-Exam Ordeal By Drunken Nuclear Physics Professor

I've had my fair share of beastly exams, but nothing quite as long as these poor Russian students had to face. A drunk professor forced students to sit through a nuclear physics oral exam that kicked off at 10am, and rambled on without break till 9am the following day -- that's hard core. Read More >>


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