monster machines
​Lockheed's Bird of Prey: A Prototype Jet Worthy of the Klingon Empire

One of the most intriguing products of the Phantom Works that really was a denizen of Area 51 on George Muellner's watch was the Bird of Prey. Visually, this aircraft possessed the strange, but sleek design characteristics that are appreciated by those in the world of extraterrestrial buffs. It was even named after an alien spaceship. According to James Wallace, writing in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer of October 18, 2002, it is named for a class of Klingon starships first seen in the 1984 motion picture Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. Read More >>

the dreamers
The Theoretical Minimum, or How One Physicist Rediscovered His Love of Teaching

I’ve always enjoyed explaining physics. For me it’s much more than teaching: It’s a way of thinking. Even when I’m at my desk doing research, there’s a dialog going on in my head. Figuring out the best way to explain something is almost always the best way to understand it yourself. Read More >>

The First Time the Public Ever Saw a Polaroid

Polaroid, that thing that happened before Instagram happened, is one of the fascinating untold tech stories of our time. In the recently released Instant: The Story of Polaroid, Christopher Bonanos recounts the stunning day the inventors of Polaroid first unveiled their new technology. Read More >>


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