Exchanges From the Curb: The Sharpened Toothbrush

Sorry for the long stretch between columns; it's been tough work recalling some of the going-ons from my stint behind bars. Our cell had been fine apart from the smelly kid who for all intents and purposes had lost the plot; he was taken out of the cell and this in turn led to a new cellmate, an older lag who seemed comfortable in his new surroundings instantly, crashing onto his new bunk and shifting things about to make space for himself. Read More >>

Exchanges From the Curb: Settling Into Prison Life

Most weeks in the comments here, there are comparisons made between cannabis and alcohol, and admittedly, it is a simple comparison to make: They both have effects on behaviour and mental state in one form or another, after all. Read More >>

Exchanges From the Curb: The First Week In Prison

As we entered the police station, I was sure I was about to get a warning -- most likely a night in the holding cell, I figured. To be honest, after the hours of arguing, and the two days' drinking, sniffing and smoking, I was looking forward to some relaxation. Read More >>

Exchanges From the Curb: A Return to Jail, and Over a Sofa Too

If you're out with a friend and he advises you on what pair of trainers to buy, does he then have a right to those trainers? Can he borrow them? No of course he can’t; being in the shop with a mate does not mean you are buying them together. So why is it that if you buy something big (a sofa and arm chair, let's say) with a woman you are sleeping with, does she think her advice constitutes a percentage share of the purchase? Read More >>

Exchanges From the Curb: Drugs on the TV, and Ginger Chaz

Before I get on with the main body of the column I would like to comment on Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial, which we saw last week on channel 4. Was Chris Morris creating havoc with a new Brass Eye series; I'm still none too sure. Read More >>

Exchanges From the Curb: Growing and Cheating

Ambition is a cruel mistress, and I have long since learned my lesson that if things are going well, leave them alone; be happy with your current “lot” in life and try not to disturb the status quo, as for every easy week, month or year of your life, there are several that are a struggle. Secondly, I have learnt to stick at what you are good at. Read More >>

Exchanges From the Curb: The Fairer Sex

After a tumultuous few weeks things have started to calm down again; it’s impossible to forecast in any line of business. The recession for me has been on a whole positive; my business fortunes mirroring Pizza Hut, with more people choosing a night in front of a movie than going out on the town. And what makes a film or TV better than a decent bag of herb? Read More >>


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