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Wheelchair-Bound Woman Walks Again With a 3D Printed Exoskeleton

In 1992, Amanda Boxtel suffered a vicious skiing accident that left her paralysed from the waist down. Doctors said she would never walk again. This week, she proved them wrong, with the help of the world's first 3D printed exoskeleton that gives her the ability to climb out of her wheelchair and walk once again. Read More >>

TALOS "Iron Man" Exoskeleton Army Armour Ready for Trials

Remember the "Iron Man" exoskeleton that the US Army was looking into providing its troops in the near future? It's taken a step towards becoming a common sight on the battlefield, as the sci-fi armour is now said to be about to enter field testing. Read More >>

Robotic Exoskeleton Attacking... Leicester

All kneel before the mighty Tread Toe, a "hydraulic-powered mechanical beast" that's currently making mincemeat of the manicured lawns and borders of the University of Leicester's Botanic Garden. Read More >>

A Real-Life Iron Man Suit That Could Be as Comfortable as Pyjamas

Tony Stark used exotic composites, metal alloys, and other Hollywood-only make-believe materials to build his armour-plated Iron Man suit. But researchers at Harvard University's Wyss Institute, constrained by the limitations of reality, took a different approach with a muscle-enhancing exoskeleton that could one day be as comfy to wear as your favourite pair of jeans. Read More >>

Japanese Exoskeleton Complies With Two Key Laws of Robotics -- Looks Cool and Can Handle Stairs

There's a newly enhanced robot helper about to assist in cleansing the streets (and nuclear dead zones) of Japan, with this latest "disaster recovery" exoskeleton supposedly only a year away from being put into service. Read More >>

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3D-Printed Arms Turn Little Girl Into the Cutest Cyborg Ever

And taking the Gold for most adorable user of an exoskeleton is two-year-old Emma, who was born with a rare disease known as arthrogryposis, which makes it impossible for her to raise her arms without any external assistance. Thanks to 3D printing, though, she can now slip on her "magic arms" to crush people lift blocks and play to her heart's content, whilst melting the hearts of everyone else. Bless. Read More >>


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