The Evolution of the Atmospheric Diving Suit

Last week we introduced to you the totally awesome Exosuit, a $600,000 (£358,000) atmospheric diving suit, capable of taking a human 1,000 feet underwater at surface pressure. This means that the diver doesn't have to decompress and there is no need for special breathing gas mixtures, so there is no danger of decompression sickness or nitrogen narcosis. Read More >>

giz explains
How Close Are We to Elysium-Style Exosuits?

Matt Damon's latest film, Elysium, is set 140 years in the future where society is divided between the elites, who live in a utopian orbital society, and the rest of us, who struggle in squalor down on the planet's surface. To combat this inequality, an unsung hero installs himself into a full-body prosthetic and breaks into the "most secure place in the universe". Must be one hell of a suit. Read More >>


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