Tokyo is No Longer the Most Expensive City in the World

Tokyo is no longer the priciest metropolis in the world—it has been supplanted by another, far more inaccessible city. Want to take a guess who it is? It's not New York. It's not San Francisco. The world's most expensive city is Singapore, according the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Read More >>

The Most Expensive Hotel Rooms in the World's Most Expensive Cities

In July, Mercer published its current list of the most expensive cities in the world. Curious about the cost of living for expats, we created a collection of the priciest flats and rentals in these cities. But what about hotels? How much will one night in the world's most expensive towns set you back? Read More >>

The Most Expensive Flats in the World's Most Expensive Cities

A few days ago Mercer, the global human resources consulting firm, published its current list of the most expensive cities in the world. According to its survey, the most expensive place to station an employee isn't London, New York or Tokyo. It's Luanda, Angola. Read More >>

What is the Most Expensive Gadget You Own? (Car Not Included)

Gadgets are expensive. It's inescapable. You're going to have to plunk down some cash for a really killer piece of kit. Sometimes it's not worth it. But other times you wind up with essentially a digital life partner—a gadget you're in physical contact with more often than you are with your loved ones, probably. Read More >>

Why Apple's iPhone Charger Is So Expensive

There's no getting around the fact that Apple accessories are expensive. But instead of assuming that price meant quality, Ken Shirriff decided to tear an iPhone charger apart—and what he found justifies the expense. Read More >>

This Is the World's Most Expensive Camera

You're looking at a prototype Leica 35mm film camera, known as the 0-series. It was one of just 25 produced in 1923 for testing, and only 12 of them are known to have survived to this day. That's why it's just set a record, becoming the world's most expensive camera. Read More >>

How Much Does It Take to Get a Cab From London to Sydney?

A trio of friends are set to arrive back in London soon after navigating the world in a 20-year-old black cab, complete with a mortgage-inducing fare of £80,000 for their London to Sydney journey. Read More >>

Sorry, You Probably Can't Afford Samsung's Gorgeous Super OLED TV of the Future

When we saw the gorgeous Samsung Super OLED TV at CES, we were stunned. We wanted it in our living room. We thought about stealing it. We wanted to buy it but turns out, we can't afford it. It's going to cost around £5,500. Read More >>

These Asspensive Sex Toys Cost More Than the Priceless Feeling They'll Give You

Though the pleasure you receive from using a sex toy is typically priceless, some sex toys are so ridiculously expensive it can't be worth it. Like £2,100 for a Unicorn Butt Plug or £8,300 for a vibrator? Yeesh. Read More >>

Wool Felt iPad Case Rolls Itself Into a Subtle Tablet Stand

As an Incase product owner I'm pretty used to the idea of my iPad and MacBook cases being simple black and white affairs that perform their jobs well with little fanfare (and a high price). Read More >>


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