A Google Glass Accessory Store Is Here and Holy Crap It's Expensive

Google is readying itself to churn out thousands of pairs of Glass, and now it's also preparing an accessory store to accompany it. But holy hell, those extras won't come cheap. Read More >>

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The Next Google Glass Looks Even Sillier Than the Old Google Glass

Here's what the next Google Glass looks like. The official Google Glass Google Plus page just revealed the look of the updated version of Google Glass and it's somehow even more cyborg weird. The overall look remains the same but it looks like Google is adding a single mono earbud for the second generation of glass. Read More >>

Google Glass Has The Fashion Bug

We all know that Glass is kind of a big deal for Google right now. Or whatever. The #IfIHadGlass explorer program is going strong, and the product is attempting to prove its usefulness in a bunch of different markets. In fact it may be starting to feel overblown and even tiresome. But if Google is going to bank on this product in ways that we can imagine (targeted advertising) and ways that we can't (Skynet?) they're probably not gonna let up until Glass is everywhere. Even high fashion. Read More >>

Google Glass Updates: A New App Store, Media Player and Lock Screen

With Google's most recent update for its Glass Explorer Edition come some signs of what's to come: a new app store, a dedicated media player and a security-conscious lock screen. Read More >>

Internet Explorer vs Murder Rate Will Be Your Favourite Chart Today

Like its author says " I know correlation doesn't imply causation but..." But I think that, in this case, we may be onto something. [Twitter] Read More >>

Incoming Xbox Internet Explorer Will Be Kinect Driven—You Know, Like Minority Report

Rumour: the Xbox will get a full version of Internet Explorer. More rumours: it will rely heavily on Kinect controls, for Minority Report style operation, and voice control. More more rumours: no date on launching date yet. [The Verge] Read More >>


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