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A London Pavement Exploded and Yet, Pedestrians Still Walked on It

Between sinkholes and flooding, I wouldn't trust stepping out the door at the moment in the UK. Add now to the underfoot dangers exploding pavements, as seen yesterday on London's Caledonian Road. Is this the end times? Read More >>

How a Build-Up of Methane Gas Caused a Toilet to Explode

We've all looked at a public toilet and thought it was a bit too ropey to plonk our butts down on, but rarely does it end with anything worse than a turned stomach and a serious shower once we've got home. But to come away with third degree burns from a trip to the loo? Read More >>

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Holy Crap It's Good This Airplane Wasn't Flying When Its Jet Exploded

Yesterday this Airbus A330 was zipping down the runway of Manchester Airport, UK, ready to take off and head to the Dominican Republic. And then, holy crap, its jet engine exploded. Read More >>

Apparently No One Noticed This Humongous Explosion on the Moon

A massive explosion, equivalent to five tonnes of TNT annihilating our satellite's surface, hit the poor Moon back in March. It created a bright flash that glowed like a 4th magnitude star, and could be seen by the naked eye, but apparently no one spotted it, until now. Read More >>

The Bomb-Proof Miracle Materials That Will Make the Future Safer

When a bomb explodes, you can't outmaneuver it; you probably can't even take cover quickly enough to protect yourself. Instead, you have to hope that there's something — anything — already in the way that can shield you from the blast. Here are five of the best future bomb-proof materials that could end up saving lives in our increasingly uncertain future. Read More >>

Russian Meteorite Exploded With "30 Times the Energy Released by the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb"

Following last week's meteorite explosion, scientists have finally had chance to sit down and figure out exactly what happened — and the results help explain why it shook Russia so hard. Read More >>

25 of the Deadliest Explosions Man's Ever Made

Everybody likes to watch explosions. Come on, admit it: You like looking at enormous blasts on You Tube because they simultaneously thrill you and yet make you feel safer and more cautious in your tiny little life. OK, maybe I am projecting a little. But who cares. Whether they're the result of war, science, freak accidents, or rocket failures, destruction is in our blood. The fireball is our final heartbeat, the blastwave is our last breath. I hope you love the following selection of devastating detonations as much as I do. Read More >>

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Watch This Man Blow Up a Yacht in the Name of Safety

No, he's not a billionaire playboy running wild; this is just an ordinary man, doing his level best to help keep the gin-and-tonic-swilling sailors of the world safe, by finding out what happens if you leave the gas on in your yacht. (We've all been there, I'm sure). Read More >>

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This Is What Happens When a Nuclear Bomb Explodes Under Water

According to Pat Bradley, one of the cameramen who documented US atomic tests during the 1950s, the Wahoo and Umbrella underwater explosions were more amazing than a atmospheric nuclear explosion. Watch this stunning video and listen to him explaining his experience of living these explosions just 2.5 miles away. Read More >>

It Seems that Cars Can Explode In Real Life Just Like In the Movies

Usually, cars don't explode in a huge ball of fire, as Michael Bay wants you to believe. Unless you are at the Kashira highway in Moscow, Russia, just like these guys. Read More >>

This Is What Happens When Your Car GPS Blows Up

What happens when you leave your GPS in the car under a blazing sun and its batteries are not in the best of conditions? Well, it may explode and burn—like this one in the photo—melting your dashboard. Read More >>

Electronic Cigarette Explodes In Man's Mouth

Who said e-cigarettes were safer than regular smokes? I'm fairly certain a regular pack isn't going to explode in your mouth, but one unlucky Florida resident lost a few of his teeth and a chunk of his tongue after a faulty battery caused an electronic cigarette to explode, severely burning his face in the process. Read More >>

Death Valley Volcano "May Explode At Any Time"

Good news: A team of scientists has discovered that we can predict super volcano eruptions "decades in advance." Bad news: Another team of scientists have discovered that a volcano in Death Valley, California, may explode at any time. Read More >>

Apple Supplier Factory Explodes Injuring 57

There has been an explosion at one of the factories of Pegatron Corp—a manufacturer of back panel parts for Apple's iPad 2. The explosion has injured 57 workers, with 23 hospitalised with burns. Read More >>

The First Millisecond of a Nuclear Explosion Looks Like a Horribly Deformed Skull

This is fascinating, a nuclear explosion from the Tumbler-Snapper tests performed in Nevada during 1952. It looks different from all nuclear explosions you've seen because it's what it looks like one millisecond after detonation. It looks like a deformed skull. The face of atomic death just one second away from unleashing it's absolute destruction. Read More >>


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