That Time the Whac-A-Mole Inventor Accidentally Blew Up His Warehouse

It was lunch time on a muggy late September day in 2013 when an explosion shook downtown Orlando, Florida. A warehouse on west Jefferson street was the casualty. Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks were already on their way by the time Tim Roth, a good Samaritan, was on the scene. As he searched through the rubble and debris for injured humans, what he found was something else entirely. Read More >>

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Incredibly Clear Footage Shows the Blast Effect of 1953 Atomic Bomb

AtomCentral shows us some amazingly clear HD footage restored from 1953 of the Atomic Cannon test from Upshot-Knothole Grable in Nevada. In the video, you can see cars, jeeps, buses and tanks against the backdrop of the massive blast's initial burst and shockwave. The blast eventually swallows everything. Read More >>

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These Slo-Mo Ornament Explosions Are Like Christmas Fireworks

The 5th of November is great, but every holiday is improved by explosions. Every. Holiday. And slow motion? Even better. So here, for your post-Yuletide pleasure, are some Christmas baubles blowing up in festive slow-mo. Read More >>

6 Chemical Reaction GIFs That Will Make You a Smarter Person

Remember how much fun your secondary school chemistry class was? Neither do we. But that may be because there weren't enough explosions. Well, nowadays, the internet can fix that problem in a jiffy—or rather, a gif. Read More >>

Super Sad Guy Watches Hindenburg Show, and Tries To Blow His House Up

Gotta feel bad for this guy: a Pennsylvania man who'd hit some very hard times wanted to end it all in a fiery blaze after watching a TV show about the Hindenburg crash. He's still alive, but the explosion he set off leveled his house. Read More >>

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Blowing Up a Building In Slo-Mo Is a Great Way To Start the Month

Is there a better way to ring in November than watching a controlled explosion? Sure there is, if said explosion was captured by a Phantom Flex high-speed camera at 2,500 fps. The Slow Mo Guys are back and after playing around with a couple of grenades (please don't try that at home) they set their sights—or viewfinder—on their largest explosion yet. Read More >>

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Blowing Up Pumpkins with C4 and Detonating Cords Seems Way More Fun

What do you call the Halloween equivalent of being a Christmas Grinch? Because whatever it is, that's what I am now. Gone are the happy days of trick or treating and dressing up in clever costumes and getting the brain blitzed to an unrecognisable shade of matter and carving intricate pumpkins and so on, instead all I want to do is blow up pumpkins like our friends at Rated RR. He used C4 and det cord to create explosions better than any Halloween party. [Rated RR] Read More >>

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Watch These Giant Bubbles Exploding in Slow Motion

There are few better sentences than one that includes the words "giant", "bubbles", "exploding" and "slow motion". Well, there's one thing better: a video that fits that sentence. Read More >>

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Why Don't All Gadget Teardowns End In an Explosion?

We've seen your typical, sterile, tiny-screwdriver-filled teardown of Nvidia's Shield that showed there's actually a lot crammed in there. But Nvidia decided to do a teardown of its own that's just a little...rougher. Read More >>

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Watch a Red Hot Nickel Ball Destroy a Box of Crayons

Watching the Red Hot Nickel Ball destroy various materials just never gets old. So here's a Red Hot Ball of Nickel turning a box of crayons into a rainbow of destruction. Read More >>

Inflatable Mattress Explosion Trashes Man's House

A German man treated himself to an inflatable mattress upon moving into a new house, only to discover his advanced new sleeping solution had a puncture. He then bought one of those spay aerosol things that supposedly fix leaks, but the spray somehow triggered a blast that caused around £130,000 worth of damage to his home. Read More >>

An Alleged Samsung Galaxy S4 Explosion Completely Destroyed This Apartment

It's one thing if your phone bursts into flames and cooks up your leg-meat real bad, but that's nothing compared to losing your whole apartment in an inferno. That's exactly what a Hong Kong man claims happened to him while he was just plugging away at Love Machine (an app, not a euphemism) on his Galaxy S4. Read More >>

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Behold the Molten Glory of Thermite in Slow Motion

Thermite is one of the most ridiculously dangerous and completely awesome pyro concoctions out there. We've already seen it completely devour a laptop, and what could be better than that? Thermite explosions. In slow motion. Read More >>

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Here's a Scary Lightning Strike Exploding Some Power Lines

Remember how your mum/dad/legal guardian/leader of your gang of street urchins used to tell you not to stand near telephone poles in a storm? Yeah, there was a reason for that. And as you can see in the video above, that reason goes "boom." Followed by lots and lots of fire. Read More >>

That Massive Russian Rocket Explosion Was Caused by Stupid Dense Humans

Last week a Russian rocket called Proton-M exploded over a spaceport in Kazakhstan just seconds after it launched. Turns out, we can blame some dumb humans for the blast—investigators found that the rocket's angular velocity sensors had been installed upside down. Read More >>

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Microwaving a Highlighter Is So Dumb But Looks So Impossibly Cool

You probably shouldn't try this at home, but if you do, some video would be appreciated. Thanks. [Reddit via Buzzfeed] Read More >>


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