Rumour: Samsung Preparing a Waterproof, Ruggedised/Extreme Galaxy S4

Reporters present at the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the Gulf region are claiming the local Samsung boss told them there's a "rugged" version of the Galaxy S4 in the company's super-fat future product pipeline, which will apparently be announced by the tech giant in a matter of "weeks." Read More >>

Check Out These Totally Stunning Images Painted with Wakeboards

This is incredible. Unlike the shark attracting light suits of Tron-surfing or the glowing outline of night skiers, seeing a wakeboarder with a light board is like seeing Picasso with a paintbrush. The tricks the wakeboarders pull makes for a visually magnetic picture. It's like painting rainbows! Read More >>

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A Converted Silo Ice Climbing Wall Is the Only Reason Why Winter Exists

It's March, which mean it's still a little colder than you want it to be. Which means eventually you'll ask yourself why in the hell is it still cold. Which will lead to yourself questioning why does it have to be cold at all? And then you'll see this converted silo in Cedar Falls, Iowa and the cold, winter, slushy snow, all of it will make complete sense. The world gets cold so that people can create an epic ice climbing wall. Read More >>

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This Is What It Looks Like to Be Spiderman in Real Life

Because Peter Parker was a nerd, every geek has wondered what it would be like to be Spiderman. Batman was too rich and good-looking; Superman wasn't from this world, but Spiderman...he was just like us! So if you want to know what ol' Spidey goes through daily, watch this incredible video filmed with a GoPro HD Hero3. Read More >>

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What Happens When You Tie a Knot in the Middle of a Zipline

Our crazy awesome friend DevinSuperTramp and his gang of crazier and even more awesome friends came up with ways to make a zipline ever more fun: tying a knot in the middle of the line, running two people at once to catapult a person and trying as many insane tricks with skis as possible. Read More >>

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This Guy Somehow Survived a Free Fall from a 4,000 Foot Cliff

This is pretty unbelievable. Richard Henriksen, a basejumper, fell off a steep rock cliff after his high bar collapsed yet he still somehow survived. Watch the video and wait until the very end, Henriksen and the whole setup both disappear and plunge to the ground. Read More >>

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I Just Want to Strap Myself to a Paramotor and Fly Away

I could never bring myself to fly in a wingsuit, but riding a paramotor? Hell yeah. It's like riding the jet ski of parasailing, which means it looks like a whole lotta fun. Would you do it? Read More >>

Spotify Gets "Extreme" iPhone Streaming

Good news Spotify mobile users – you can now stream your tunes to your phone at 320kbps, aka “extreme” quality, just like you can on the desktop. Read More >>

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The First Ever Seated Ski Back Flip

When Josh Dueck broke his back in 2004 during a skiing accident, few people thought he'd ski again. He defied expectations, though, and began using a Sit Ski — a mono-ski contraption used by paraplegics — to cruise down the slopes. That wasn't enough though, so he decided he had to attempt something a little more crazy: the first seated ski back flip. Read More >>

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Watch the Unbelievable Trailer of Nitro Circus The Movie (AKA the People Crazier Than Jackass)

If you're a fan of the silly hijinks of Jackass, you have to watch this upcoming Nitro Circus movie. Nitro Circus is the super crazy extreme group headlined by motocross legend Travis Pastrana and his friends that pull stunts that even Knoxville and gang wouldn't even dare of doing. Read More >>

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This Video Makes Want to Be Rollerman When I Grow Up

Here's a new video of Rollerman, the real-life superhero that suffered a mutation which caused Rollerblade skates to grow on every part of his body. Rollerman is the alter-ego of Jean-Yves Blondeau. And who is Jean-Yves Blondeau, you ask? Read More >>

Samsung's Rugged Galaxy Xcover May Appear in January

Samsung's outdoors-themed Galaxy Xcover may eventually launch in the UK next year. Initially announced back in the summer for a 2010 release, the waterproof 3.65" Android phone has so far failed to appear. But according to one retailer it's now on schedule for January 2012. [Handtec via Unwired View] Read More >>

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Watching People Pull Extreme Tricks on a Pogo Stick Is Spine Bending

Pogo sticks always amused the hell out of me. Up. Down. Up. Down. Repeat. These guys, however, take pogo sticks to the next level, it's more like: Up. Down. Spin. Jump over a woman in a wheelchair. Grind the railing. Up. Down. Go crazy. Read More >>

Why Does This Guy Have a DSLR for a Nipple?

GoPros on helmets, GoPros on chests, it's all been done before. But what about attaching a full fledged DSLR to your chest? Photographer Justin Olsen created this chest mounted DSLR rig for taking pictures while mountain biking so he could take in-action photos. Read More >>


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