Science Discovered a New Human Body Part

A funny thing happened in the field of anatomy during the first half of this year. Researchers found a previously unknown human body part. It's inside the eyeball, and it's very small. At 15 microns thick, the newly discovered layer of material is so small that even calling it a new body part feels inappropriate. That's what it is, though. A new body part. Right there in your eye. Read More >>

This Man Actually Had Hairs Growing Out of His Eyeball

Now, I've seen my fair share of horrifying eye conditions, but this one takes the biscuit. It's not quite worm-in-the-eye Prometheus-style, but this poor bloke actually had long, super creepy, hairs growing directly out of his eyeball. Yuck. Read More >>

Monstrously Big Eyeball Found Washed Up On Florida Coast

Florida man, Gino Covacci, was walking along the beach when he saw what looked like a baseball at the high tide line. He gave it a little kick, but when it rolled over, it stared right back at him! The monster eyeball was fresh and "still bleeding", so he put it in a plastic bag and notified the police who gave him the number of the Oceanograhic Institute. Read More >>


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