US Federal Drone Testing Is Coming to These 6 Scenic Locations

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) just announced the six sites across the USA that will host tests to see how drones could fly in the same skies as commercial aircraft. Naturally, geography, climate, safety and use of airspace were the decisive factors. Read More >>

FAA Advisory Panel Says We Should Be Allowed to Use Electronic Devices

As expected, the FAA advisory committee has recommended that airline passengers should be "allowed to use smartphones, tablets, e-readers and other personal electronic devices during takeoffs and landings". That means, yes, we can finally use our damn (innocent) electronic devices while on an airplane in the US, without looking like a criminal. Read More >>

Even a Real Pilot Thinks We Should Use Mobile Phones on Planes

NY Times tech guy David Pogue has a fun little interview about aeroplanes with a pilot that reveals a few things you might have always wondered about flying winged tubes.
Turbulence is annoying but it doesn't mean the plane is going to crash. Planes can't fly themselves. Aeroplane doors can't be opened mid flight. Oh and the pilot totally thinks we should totally be able to use our mobiles on aeroplanes.

WSJ: The FAA Is Ready to Ease Restrictions on In-Flight Electronics

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Federal Aviation Administration in the US is about to loosen its restrictions on in-flight gadget use — more than a year after it first announced it was mulling the idea. Read More >>

Overhauled Boeing 787 Dreamliner Officially Cleared for Take Off by the FAA

Nearly four months after grounding the Dreamliner after its battery exploded into flames on the tarmac in Boston, the FAA has cleared the maligned Boeing 787 for commercial flights. The plane will be permitted to fly up to 180 minutes from its point of departure — the same clearance it had before. Read More >>

FAA: No, You Can't Take Down a Plane With an Android App

Remember how the internet got itself all riled up a few days ago when it found out that it would only take one rogue Android user to hack and take over an entire plane? Yeah, about that—it's not true. Read More >>

It Could Be Years Before Dreamliners Are Back in the Air

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner just can't catch a break. After all of the planes were grounded following some seriously troubling melting batteries, the US's Federal Aviation Authority has been taking a look into what exactly went wrong. They'll take their time though; it could be years before the birds are back in the sky. Read More >>

Video of Skydiving Couple Having Sex Being "Investigated"

This must be the most stupid investigation of the year after the Capitol Police reaction to The Onion's fake tweets: local police and the FAA are investigating a couple who had sex while skydiving. Read More >>


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