The Concrete Blocks at This Bakery are Made From Empty Sacks of Flour

From afar, the walls at this Gowanus restaurant look like they're made from grey fabric—but they're actually made from concrete bricks poured into empty bags of flour from the resident bakery. Concrete masonry unit? More like cookie masonry unit! Sorry. Read More >>

Bendy Wooden Room Snaps Together Like Tetris, Takes Over House

The so-called "Roominaroom" project by London-based architects atmos studio won a 2013 UK Wood Award yesterday for its extraordinary level of craftsmanship—from computer-milled, cut, and fitted ornamental oak beams to precision joinery—for a renovated flat in the city. Read More >>

What Happens When F1 Car Designers Build Architectural Models

UK architects Smout Allen, together with Gizmodo US EIC Geoff Manaugh, tapped an unlikely source to help create their new exhibition in London: Williams F1. But, in this case, the engineers at Williams weren't building the advanced race cars they're well-known for—they were 3D-printing the parts for an intricate model of an experimental energy storage park. Read More >>

3d printing
The MakerBot Replicator 2 Prints a Bigger, More Detailed Chunk of Your Creative Genius

When the MakerBot appeared in 2009, the idea of 3D printing was a bit foreign to all but the most advanced fabricators. Company founder and CEO Bre Pettis says he used to get asked: "So what, do you have to wear special glasses to see it?" Read More >>


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