Forensic Artist Reveals the Face of That Skull-Shaped Vodka Bottle

Ever wonder what the face might look like for that skull-shaped Crystal Head vodka bottle? Well, one Scottish forensic scientist recently found out. Read More >>

Man Makes Classic Slapstick Error of Confusing IRON With PHONE

This sounds like it belongs in a 1970s Two Ronnies sketch, but is apparently genuine. Polish man Thomas Paczkowski is said to have held an iron to his ear thinking it was a telephone, burning half his face. And look, he's produced a vague photo to prove it. Read More >>

Facebook Sees a Good Deal and Buys Facial Recognition Company Face

Facebook's spending yet more of its recent enormous public listing windfall on a new tech company, agreeing to buy facial recognition software specialist for around the $100m mark. Read More >>

Why Don’t We Look Like Monkeys?

Simple -- evolution of course. But new research now suggests that the reason humans and apes don’t look alike in the face is down to facial expressions. We have plain faces, without varying colour and with less hair poking out everywhere, because it helps us track the complex facial contortions we use for communication. Read More >>

Motherf*cking Wasps Recognise Each Other By Their Faces

Scientists have found something really surprising and remarkable: wasps can recognise each other by looking at their faces. Until know, we thought that only animals like humans or chimps can do this. Not anymore. Read More >>


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