Facebook Is Cracking Down on Apps That Clog Your Feed So That It Can Clog Your Feed with Other Crap

One of the more annoying things about Facebook is how your News Feed gets clogged and spammed and smacked with stuff you don't care about. Facebook is trying to fix that by limiting what apps can post stuff to your Feed. Read More >>

How to Make Your Facebook Profile Look Like Pinterest

Have Facebook? Hate Timeline? Love Pinterest? Good. If you want to combine your interestingly social world with your socially interesting world, you can hack your Facebook Profile to look like an exact replica of a Pinterest page. Here's how. Read More >>

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Wave Your Paws to a Techno-Kitten Beat, Lolcat-Style

If flying around as a kitten with a jetpack, a "butterfly" kitten, or even a kitten wrapped with bacon as techno music plays is your idea of a good time, then Techno Kitten Adventure is the app you've been waiting for. Read More >>


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