The Laziest Gift In The World Just Got Lazier

The Facebook Gifts feature was supposed to kill Amazon or blow up the world or something. The place reminding you of your best friend's birthday could also help you get a gift and then publicly show off what a great friend you were for remembering and buying a gift. Genius. Read More >>

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Facebook Gifts Just Became the Easiest Way to Look Good in Front of Everyone

All your friends, flames, and enemies are on Facebook. And now, you can buy all of these people presents—gift cards for coffee, cake pops, champagne, and pencils. It'll all ship straight to their door. Why would I want to buy things like this? Read More >>

Soon You'll Be Able to Use Facebook to Buy Real Birthday Gifts For Your Friends

If it wasn't for Facebook, you'd probably forget all of your friends birthdays. Now, instead of just leaving them a nice salutation on their walls, you'll soon be able to send them a real-life gift to their front door. Read More >>


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