Facebook Messenger Chat Protocol Chosen as the Future of Things Talking to Each Other

One of the big problems with the whole connected-house thing, where thermostats talk to light swtiches which talk to tea-making robots (if only!), is that there's a lot of communication protocols, and most of them are proprietary. But never fear, a new standard's been agreed on: erm, Faccebook Messenger. Read More >>

Free Voice-Calling Will Hit Facebook Messenger For iOS Today

If you'd rather actually SPEAK to your friends instead of dropping a link to an appropriate GIF on their wall, then download Skype. I mean, use Facebook Messenger for iOS, which from today brings a feature our Amurrrican friends have been testing for the past couple of months. Read More >>

Free Voice Calling Rolls Out on Facebook Messenger for iOS

One of features promised with the Facebook Messenger for iPhone update a few weeks ago was Voice-Over IP calling, so that you could use the app to call your friends over a mobile or Wi-Fi data connection instead of your plan's minutes. The feature is finally rolling out to phones in the US, with the UK hopefully to follow shortly. Read More >>

Facebook Messenger Now Allows You to Send Voice Messages

The Facebook Messenger application is getting an update for Android and iOS so that users can now send voice messages up to one-minute long to their friends. Just a few weeks after Facebook went after Snapchat with a clone app, it's modified Messenger to be a clone for Apple's iMessage. Read More >>

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It Just Got Easier to Chat with Your Facebook Friends on Android

Facebook has announced two updates to its Android apps, Facebook Messenger and Facebook for Android, with both of the updates dealing with improvements to chatting with your friends. Messenger will now hide a buddy list "hidden to the right" of the app, which can be revealed by swiping left. Read More >>

Report: Facebook Messenger App Could Get Video Chat Upgrade Soon

It's rumoured that Facebook is extending its standalone Messenger app for iPhone to include video chat capabilities, and 9to5mac reports that the current beta version is "smooth most of the time". Read More >>

Facebook Messenger Brings Your News Feed and Chat to Your Windows Desktop

If you feel weirdly disconnected from your Facebook profile when you're not logged in, try out the new Facebook Messenger application, which is available for Windows now. The new app follows the mobile Facebook Messenger applications released last summer, and an a version for OS X is reportedly on the way as well. Read More >>

Facebook Messaging Actually Useful Thanks to Messaging App

I get more Facebook messages than emails from my friends these days. But the Facebook app is horrible at notifying me when someone actually tries to get a hold of me. The new Facebook Messaging app, though, makes sure I know exactly when my friends want to get in touch with me. Read More >>


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