Facebook Is Fixing the Thing You Hate Most About Your Profile

Timeline is the most beautiful thing to happen to Facebook, but it’s not without its detractors. Complaint numero uno: the double-column layout is confusing, causing users to panic, unable to discern when events in their lives happened. Why are these two things next to each other? Which happened first? Where am I? Who am I? Read More >>

The History of the Photograph in a Facebook Timeline

What does a photograph mean to you today? Maybe an Instagram pic shot with your iPhone. Or a Facebook group photo taken with a point and shoot. Or if you're fancy, a DSLR-taken, Flickr-uploaded portrait. But what was it before? Kodak? Polaroid? This Facebook Timeline shows you the life of a photograph, from its invention (or birth) until now. Read More >>

Some Really Awesome Uses of Facebook Timeline

During this weekend's Facebook sesh, you may notice that any brands you've "liked" over there are suddenly using Timeline. That's because Zuckerberg's forced any non-personal page to spend hours beautifying it, or in the following brands' cases, actual days and weeks adding all manner of glorious history to their timelines. Some, like Arsenal Football Club; DJ Shadow and Cadbury's, have gone above and beyond. Here are the best: Read More >>

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Facebook's Sweet Timeline Is on the iPhone Now Too

If you've been wondering how Facebook's snazzy new Timeline feature would look like on the iPhone, wonder no more. It's supah snazzy (or as snazzy as its mobile web and Android counterparts)! The latest iOS Facebook app update includes Timeline so you can catch up with your friend's entire history while on the go. Convenient? [iTunes] Read More >>

Facebook Timeline Is on Your Phone Today, Too

If you haven't been drooling with introspective ecstasy and rubbing your face all over your monitor enough yet, now you can get in on the Timeline orgy via mobile. Facebook's rolled the new format onto its web and Android versions. Read More >>

Facebook Timeline Review: This Is the Greatest Thing Facebook's Ever Done

In The Social Network, Movie Mark Zuckerberg describes his project as the entire college social scene, put online. In a sense, he completely pulled it off. Now Real Zuck's lept beyond boat races: your entire existence, Facebook-ified. It's terrifyingly amazing. Read More >>


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