Facebook's Facial Recognition "Approaching Human-Level Performance"

For years Facebook has been working on facial recognition to auto-tag photographs, but has now reached a point where its technology is 'closely approaching human-level performance.' In fact, in some ways it might even be better. Read More >>

The PS4 Will Have Voice and Facial Recognition too

Continuing the "everything you can do, I can do better" war, Sony's confirmed that the PS4 will be able to mimic the Xbox One with both facial and voice recognition, so you'll be able to scream at your PlayStation too. Read More >>

New Software Makes Skype Chats Way Less Awkward

Everybody who's ever done a video chat has felt the frustration. You call your pal using Skype or whatever so that you can see their face and they can see yours, but whoops, you're not even looking at each other. You're looking at the screen so your eyes are slightly off centre. Annoying! But maybe not for long. Read More >>

You Won't Need a PIN Number When You Pay for Everything with Your Face

Imagine a world where your debit card stays in your pocket at all times, and you never have to touch cash. This is a place where you don't have to remember your wallet, or even phone, when you run down to the corner store. It's a future well off in the distance, to be sure, but dozens of companies are taking the first steps to get there. Read More >>

Computers See Faces in the Clouds, Just Like You

Humans are all about pattern recognition: we want — and maybe need? — to believe that there's order and meaning behind everything we see and do in life. The future is divined in teacups, superstitions are put on random objects, and — of course — we see ourselves in everything around us. Like the sky. Read More >>

Every Camera Should Have This Boob Tracker

If you have a web camera on your computer; a front facing camera on your phone, or any camera really, you're going to be extremely jealous of this awesome boob tracker feature after watching this video. Who cares about facial recognition? Who cares about Wi-Fi equipped cameras? Every camera needs this boob tracker, stat. Read More >>

This Creepy Facial Recognition System Knows How Often You Visit a Store

You might want to think twice about how often you hang out at your local PC World in the future. In Japan, NEC has developed a new facial recognition system geared towards retailers that determines the age and gender of shoppers, and tracks how long and how often they visit a given store. Read More >>

Face Scanning Cameras Will Know When You're Drunk

The next generation of CCTV cameras may well be able to automatically spot overly drunk potential troublemakers, thanks to the efforts of a team of Greek researchers. Read More >>

The Anonymous Guide to Hiding From Facial Recognition, or the Long Arm of the Law

Those rapscallions at Anonymous definitely like to live their lives with outward privacy; their less than subtle ways of masking their identity have become totally ingrained in the public consciousness. Their new educational video aims to help the paranoid hide away from facial recognition software in various ways, from being devilishly subtle to downright insane. Read More >>

Facebook Back at War With Germany Over Face-Scan Database

Facebook's in trouble with the Germans again, with local data protection bodies angry that the social site's stealth biometric database compiled from photo scans has not been destroyed. Read More >>

Facebook Sees a Good Deal and Buys Facial Recognition Company Face

Facebook's spending yet more of its recent enormous public listing windfall on a new tech company, agreeing to buy facial recognition software specialist Face.com for around the $100m mark. Read More >>

Is This Facial Recognition Tech Designed for Makeup Counters the Most Accurate Ever?

Sometimes you turn on the news and see a clip of an unknown perp robbing a convenience store. Problem is, police can't tell who the thief is because the video is so bad. But that might not be a problem anymore thanks to a French company called Vesalis and its bang-on facial recognition software. Originally designed for department store kiosks, and it's so good that it's caught the attention of the French government, which wants to use it for security reasons. Read More >>

This Super Face-Scanning Software Thinks It Can Guess Your Age

Here's a pleasant first little look at Skynet — Face.com, which develops facial recognition software, now boasts that it can pinpoint your age based on your mug alone. Let's test it out. Read More >>

Canon's Facial Recognition Focuses on Friends and Ignores Strangers

We've all taken pictures where we've accidentally focused on the wrong person: who the hell was that dude in the background, anyway? But facial recognition baked into Canon's new cameras should mean that doesn't happen again. Read More >>

Germany Plans Legal Action Against Facebook, Over Face Recognition Privacy Issues

Germany's Data Protection Authority is not happy with Facebook. It claims the social network's facial recognition system is a form of biometric data harvesting, for which it should've first sought the permission of users. Read More >>

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus Knows What You Look Like

You've always had a choice. Either leave your screen unlocked when you stow it and run the risk of pocket-dialing the entirety of your contact list or lock the screen and endure the tedium of entering a PIN every time you pull it out. Read More >>


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