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Microsoft: Finally, a PC for all Your Lady Stuff (Weddings, Pinterest)

Tech companies don't exactly have have the best track record when it comes to marketing to womenfolk—obviously. But after running damage control on horrible campaign after horrible campaign, you'd think they'd try to avoid making the same mistakes again—and you'd be wrong. Enter Microsoft's new all-in-one lady commercial. Read More >>

Happy Birthday Facebook! Here are Your Biggest Screw-Ups

Customary birthday behaviour will usually find the special one's eyes take on a thousand-yard stare as they stuff cake down their gullets, thinking back to their misdemeanors and wrongfootings of the past year. This introspection might occur thanks to an ambition to lift their game for the next year, but in order to do that, it's important to learn from mistakes. Facebook, here are yours: Read More >>

The Biggest Celebrity Shill Failures in History

Today, Alicia Keys's highly successful year as BlackBerry's 'Creative Director' will fizzle to a disappointing end, only 12 months since she was announced alongside the equally-successful Z10 handset, and about 11 months since she was busted using an iPhone. In tribute to this momentous occasion, we lovingly submit this list of the worst-bombed celebrity schills in history. Read More >>

Newsnight Editor's "Boring Snoring" Twitter Fail Makes the News

BBC Newsnight editor Ian Katz embarrassed himself royally yesterday, after accidentally describing a Labour MP who appeared on the show as "Boring Snoring" in a tweet meant as a cynical DM to a friend. Now his mistake has been immortalised in the closing credits of the show. Read More >>

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This is What Happens When Technology Fails Live on Air

One poor Australian news anchor was left literally speechless, babbling about various bits of stories, when her autocue failed mid-way through a story. This just goes to show that without that scrolling script telling them what to say, anchors are just like the rest of us, floundering around in front of the live camera. Read More >>

News Reporter Drops Double F-Bomb Live on Air in Fantastic Editing Screw-Up

Sometimes, they don't see the red light. Other times, it's just an unfortunate slip of the tongue. But in this case, it looks like an editor let the clip run on a little long, and one standard-issue news report on strawberries took a bit of a vulgar turn. Read More >>

Microsoft Caught 'Digitally Enhancing' Its Size in Ads

To go along with the YouTube ads taking the mick out of poor old Siri, Microsoft put up a comparison page on its website, pitting Windows 8 tablets against the iPad. Sadly, it was over-compensating a bit, lying about the VivoTab's screen size to make it seem bigger than it actually was. Read More >>

What's the Most Annoying Thing Your Computer Does?

This morning, I was in the middle of a proper writing groove -- coffee brewed, tunes blaring and email inbox set to off -- and all was looking well. Third story of the morning, here I come! But no. Windows had decided, in its infinite wisdom, that its arse-shagging auto-updates were more important, so it restarted on me. Bastards. Read More >>

In Hindsight, the #askamormon Campaign Was Never Going to Go Well

There's this musical in London, called The Book of Mormon. You might've heard of it. It's not very nice to Mormons. Anyway, in an effort to hit back against the heathens, the #RealMormons have launched a #Twitter campaign (complete with a load of incredibly earnest ads on tubes and buses), all to show how great #Mormons are and how down with da kidz religion is. You don't need to be a social media expert to see where this is going. Read More >>

GCHQ Shamed Over Plain Text Password Emails

The UK's security agency has committed the ultimate modern tech crime of sending out password reminders in plain text format, with a GCHQ job applicant seeing his password reminders arrive in shameful, zero-security, pasted-in-an-email style. Read More >>

Samsung Is 'Sorry' For Being a Bit of a Sexist Jerk

Samsung's been on a bit of a sexist roll lately, but at least the company's doing the decent thing and 'fessing up, apologising for 'any offence caused' by portraying the fairer sex as a binge-drinking, nail-file-obsessed bunch of swimsuit models. Read More >>

Oh Dear, HTC's One Launch Has Been Delayed (Updated)

Looks like HTC's getting off on the wrong foot with that whole taking-over-the-world-with-their-new-superphone thing. The UK launch of the HTC One, which was tantalisingly slated for this Friday, March 15th, has been delayed until 29th March. The news comes from Clove, the online phone retailer, in a blog post, with no reason given for the semi-monumental cock-up. Anyone for a Galaxy SIV? Updated: HTC told us: "We will start fulfilling pre-orders by end March in certain markets and will roll out to more markets as we approach April." [Clove] Read More >>

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The Royal Navy Shows You How Not to Park a £120 Million Ship

According to the Royal Navy, HMS Lancaster "is in the midst of intensive training, readying herself and her ship's company for a deployment in 2013". If this bit of parking is anything to go by, though, they'll be needing the L plates for a bit longer -- while docking at Canary Wharf, the folks in charge managed to crash the £120 million vessel into the dock with a rather resounding crash. Oops. [YouTube via Think Defence] Read More >>

Cheer Up, Sony, Here Are Seven Product Launches That Went Worse Than the PlayStation 4 'Launch'

Last night (or very early this morning, more like), Sony pulled off the greatest tech-troll of all time -- they didn't actually show off the PlayStation 4 at the PS4 launch event. Twitter nearly got overloaded by the wave of outraged tech journos. They're not alone, though -- here are ten product launches that have been cocked up worse. Read More >>

PayPal's Accidentally Quadruple-Charging Customers

Bought something on PayPal recently, and had your payment taken multiple times, but the seller's claiming he's got no money? Yeah, you're not the only one. A website snafu is causing the big 'Pal to overcharge buyers and not reimburse sellers, and Twitter's getting quite angry about it. Read More >>

This Is The Best Facebook Group Ever

Most groups and pages on Facebook are full of dumb crap. Not this one. They are dedicated to tracking down and publicly shaming the worst examples of companies being pandering morons on Facebook -- and their latest find is both shameful and utterly brilliant. Read More >>


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