Entirely Fake Virus Shield App Charged £3 for... Nothing

Android app Virus Shield appeared from nowhere to become the #1 new paid download last week, but there was one problem -- it didn't do anything. The app claimed to protect phones with one click, but analysis of the code showed it was just a graphical trick that did nothing. Somehow, it was on a user review score of 4.7 when it was pulled. [Android Police] Read More >>

google maps
It's Ridiculously Easy to Troll Google Maps With Fake Listings

Trust the listings you find on Google Maps? You shouldn't, because it's easy to fake them. That's what Google Maps exploiter Bryan Seely demonstrated for me. And while trolling politicians with dick jokes is never not funny, there's also a whole sub-community of scammers turning Google Map's little bugs into cold, hard cash. Read More >>

If You Need a Fake Passport Head to Jersey, Where it's Legal to Make One... For Now

Here's a weird pub quiz question for you -- where can you currently fake up a passport and not get in trouble? Answer: In Jersey, where, for some odd historical reason, the laws have never been updated to make the mocking up of passports illegal. Read More >>

"HTC One Tablet" is Just a Cheap Chinese Knock-off

This thing here doing the rounds on the internet at the moment isn't an official HTC One tablet, sadly, but is actually a cheap Chinese Android clone bounced up to tablet proportions with a completely plagiarised design. Read More >>

Who Has the Most Fake Twitter Followers?

Did you hear? Nearly half of Justin Bieber's Twitter followers are fake. Fake! Belieber nation is a fraud, life has no meaning, the abyss of treachery and betrayal that is life grows deeper by the hour. Read More >>

Chinese Apple Scammers Swap Fake iPhone Parts for the Real Deal

A very ingenious new kind of high-tech scam has been going down in China, where clever thieves are returning fake iPhone components to Apple and claiming they're broken official parts, receiving genuine Apple-made pieces in return. And making a nice profit in the process. Read More >>

Rogue Driving Test Examiner Pocketed £3,000 in Return for Guaranteeing a Pass

Police busted a driving test examiner this week, accusing him of pocketing large sums of money in exchange for securing test success for otherwise dodgy drivers. Read More >>

Japan's Government is Seeding Fake Files on P2P Networks With Anti-Piracy Plea Inside

Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs has been placing fake pirated material up on the country's most popular file-sharing networks, which attempt to shame media-stealers into changing their ways by delivering a polite warning once downloaded. Read More >>

Driver Faked CCTV Footage to Avoid Speeding Fine

Well, that was the idea. Plymouth man Roger Moore was caught speeding in a hire car, but decided that faking CCTV pics of his own car sitting on his drive would prove he'd already collected his car and driven home, and therefore was not the man hammering the hire car. Read More >>

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It Hurts To See These 127 iPhones Crushed By a Bulldozer, Even Though They're Fakes

Counterfeit goods that get found out often get destroyed. That should come as no surprise. But that doesn't mean it's easy to watch, especially if the fakes are this convincing. Take this Russian crush-fest, for example, where a bulldozer demolished 127 iPhones, found to be cheap imitations masquerading as the real thing. Read More >>

Buy Yourself a Convincing Internet Girlfriend for £25

Brazillian site NamoroFake takes all the hassle out of finding yourself a woman to share long evenings of stony silence in front of the TV with, creating you a rather cute fake girlfriend account, complete with Facebook status updates and a decent, believable history, for a rather competitive price. Read More >>

You Can Buy a Fake New iMac Before Apple's Has Even Gone on Sale

Apple's new iMac is taking its time to arrive in stores. But if you're bored of waiting, you can already get a dodgy Chinese fake of the sleek new computer—before anyone has managed to get their hands on the official product. Read More >>

Eye Witness Captured Nokia Faking its Lumia 920 Stills

The scandal of Nokia's faked PureView video stabilisation tech demo has expanded to include the example still photos shot with the device which, it turns out, were actually stills from the faked video. Nothing's real. The Lumia 920's probably just a rebranded HTC. Read More >>

Watch Out Who You Friend; Facebook Has 83 Million Fakers Just Waiting For You

There are 83 million Fakebookers out there, according to a recent company filing, and it's causing issues for Facebook. That really hot girl who just friended you, yeah, it's probably a sweaty dude sitting in his boxers in the basement, stuffing week-old pizza into his face. Read More >>

Android Angry Birds Clone Earned its Makers £28k in Premium Rate Text Scam

Those fake apps that pop up really do work for their makers, it seems, with one enterprising Latvian scammer raking in around £28,000 thanks to releasing fake versions of Angry Birds, Assassin's Creed and Cut the Rope on Google's Play Store. Read More >>

"Siri for Android" Released on the Android Market

This is not a real thing. Don't go crazy. The apparent version of Siri on the Android Market is, of course, no such thing, with the app simply re-branding existing Android voice functions and adding a Siri logo to Google phones. Read More >>


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