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This is What Action Cams Were Made For: A Peregrine Falcon Taking a Duck Mid-Air at 250MPH

If the sheer amount of hair-raising helmet cam footage we've seen wasn't enough to justify the existence of GoPros and their ilk for you, this amazing footage from the back of a Peregrine Falcon should put that to rest. The poor duck never even saw it coming. Read More >>

All Systems Go For First Private Spacecraft To Reach the Space Station

NASA and SpaceX have a date for the launch of the Dragon spacecraft that will reach the International Space Station: Saturday, May 19, from 4:55 AM ET/1:55 AM ET. It will be a historic moment. Here's what will happen: Read More >>

The US Air Force's Secret Hypersonic Glider Flew So Fast Its Skin Fell Off

Last summer, the Pentagon's Falcon HTV-2 glider—which the Air Force says can fly from New York to LA in under 12 minutes, disappeared. Nobody knew why! Now we know why: it went so fast it ripped itself apart. Read More >>


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