How Every Argument About Xbox and PlayStation Ends

It doesn't matter if you're talking about the Xbox One versus the PlayStation 4. The 360 versus the PS3. Pitting Xbox Live against PlayStation Plus. Comparing Microsoft and Sony. Even including Windows Phone with the PSP. Whatever. Any argument between Xbox fanboys and PlayStation fanboys eventually reaches the point where they're both so thankful that they're not Nintendo fanboys. How about that 2DS, guys! Read More >>

What Every Fanboy Argument About Google Glass and the Apple iWatch Will Be Like

Even though we're going to be wow'd and inspired by the future that Google Glass and the Apple iWatch will bring, let's not kid ourselves. The most realistic future is going to be the silly arguments we all get into about Google Glass and the Apple iWatch... which will only get more ridiculous after Apple releases its own glasses and Google makes a watch. It's the next level of Android vs iPhone. The future is going to suck. At least we have Joy of Tech's amusing comic to laugh at before it happens. [Joy of Tech] Read More >>

Too Bad This Apple-Samsung Fanboy Peace Treaty Isn't Real

The smartphone fanboy wars seem both ridiculous and eternal. It's like everywhere you go on the Internet, a simple statement of preference—even one that isn't pig-head and disparaging—can serve as the flash point for a fanboy skirmish. Isn't it about time we signed a peace treaty? Read More >>

Woz: Chill Out, Fanboys

Not only is Steve Wozniak a living tech legend, he's also a voice of reason. Yes, he started Apple with Jobs, and yes, he still loves the company and its products. But he also likes Android, and thinks everyone should put down the pitchforks and just get along, for the good of gadget-kind everywhere. Read More >>

Surprise! Apple Fans Turn Samsung's iPhone 5 Attack Ad on Its Head

Samsung isn't taking the iPhone 5 launch lying down, and it shouldn't surprise you to learn that nobody else is taking anything lying down either, ever. Not long after Samsung released its hackle-raising iPhone-basher, the ad was being flipped on its head by ardent Apple knights in iPhone armour. Read More >>

Why Arguing the Toss Between Android and iPhone Makes You More Similar Than Different

The launch of Instagram for Android brought a well-lit, sepia-toned smile to the faces of the many amateur snappers who have Android smartphones. But it also stirred up some unpleasant sentiments among the photo app's iOS-using old school. In tweets, Facebook posts and forum rants, certain members of the iOS community reacted to the launch of an Android app like Nick Griffin watching a reggae sound system pitch up in his neighbour's back garden. Read More >>

The Fanboy and the Phone: A Love/Hate Story

In the ‘90s, no nerd-debate was more contentious than that over the "Best" computer operating system. Were you Windows or were you Mac (or Linux)? Rifts formed in communities, hateful epithets were hurled, and friendships were destroyed. It was the geek equivalent of the abortion rights debate. Read More >>

The First Pathetic iPad Line Goons Appear

The New iPad will arrive in stores on Friday. But hey, look at these idiots! They're ready, folding chairs and loneliness all packed, four days before launch. To camp out. For the opportunity to buy a thing. Days in advance. Read More >>

Turns Out You Might Be in Love With Your iPhone

With iPhone day upon us, plenty of us are waiting with bated breath for what the iPhone 5 will truly be like. Even though, heh, we kinda already know. The New York Times has it that you're in love with your iPhone. Really? Read More >>


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