Hipster Beard Transplants are all the Rage These Days

Everybody's heard of hair plugs, but did you realize you could get a full beard transplant? A growing number of men in New York and elsewhere are catching on. It's apparently becoming a very popular thing to do, especially in hipster-packed neighborhoods like Williamsburg and Bushwick. Read More >>

The Design of Abba's Clothing Was Actually a Form of Tax Evasion

The design of disco supergroup Abba's stagewear was not just influenced by the sequinned needs of being a dancing queen; the design of their clothes was also a form of tax evasion. Read More >>

Clever New Clothes to Protect You From Germs on the Tube

Winter's runny noses, summer's sweat, spring's sneezing allergies—it doesn't really matter the season. When you ride the bus or the tube, often the last thing you want to do is touch the seats or hang on. Could a new line of clothing help protect you from these germs? Read More >>

3d printing
3D-Printed Nails are Way Crazier Than Your Typical Press-Ons

Man, I really love nail art. You might not share the same kind of enthusiasm for crazy custom manicures, but we can all agree that the Laser Girls' 3D-printed nails are decidedly cooler than your average press-on acrylics. Read More >>

Adding a Photoshop Toolbar to Fashion Adverts is an Eye-Opener for the Body Concious

The new year always brings with it new hopes, dreams and goals, and for those not totally comfortable with their body image, crash diets and wardrobe changes are normally top of the agenda. It's an urge fed in part at least by the media, and primarily fashion marketing. But what if the truth behind a billboard model's unreal figure was a little more obvious? Read More >>

Jackets Dreamt up by William Gibson are Gaining a Following

The Buzz Rickson's MA-1 is a piece of William Gibson lore. This flight jacket is worn by the heroine of Gibson's Pattern Recognition, Cayce Pollard, whose preternatural sense of authenticity and phobia of certain brands leads her to the MA-1, a "purely functional and iconic garment." One small detail that escaped many readers, though, was that the MA-1 didn't actually exist. Read More >>

Evernote Loses Plot With "Smart Covers for Your Feet," AKA £53 Business Socks

Evernote, which makes a very nice mobile phone app, has expanded its product range in a shock new direction, offering a selection of "Japanese Business Socks" for the discerning international playboy. With an asking price of around $85 (£53) for just five pairs. Which is mad on at least three separate levels. Read More >>

Google Glass Has The Fashion Bug

We all know that Glass is kind of a big deal for Google right now. Or whatever. The #IfIHadGlass explorer program is going strong, and the product is attempting to prove its usefulness in a bunch of different markets. In fact it may be starting to feel overblown and even tiresome. But if Google is going to bank on this product in ways that we can imagine (targeted advertising) and ways that we can't (Skynet?) they're probably not gonna let up until Glass is everywhere. Even high fashion. Read More >>

These Dresses Were Made Using Magnets

Other than lasers and Elon Musk, magnets might be the most superhuman objects we have on this dear Earth of ours. They can make things fly, they can make things stick, they can demolish laptops, they can make you squeal and scream and feel like a kid. Another thing magnets can do? Make clothes. The two dresses above were 'grown' using magnets. Read More >>

This NFC-Enabled Ring Stores Your Personal Data On Your Fingertips

Have you ever wanted to wave your hand to unlock a door or transfer your contact information by simply touching a phone? How about keeping all of your top secret passwords at arm's length, literally? Well, with this Kickstarter-funded near field communication-enabled ring, all that could soon be possible. Read More >>

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Taking X-Rays of Women in Corsets Was a Haunting Use of New Technology

Any tech that allows humans a new type of insight is inevitably turned on ourselves. We want to know what else we can find out from peering in on our bodies or minds in a new way. Of course, X-ray machines were pretty much used from the start for that purpose, but it's amazing to see these 1908 photos examining how a fashion trend was impacting health. Read More >>

Yeah, Spurs Fans Will Be Clamouring to Buy Gareth Bale's Heart-Decorated Clothing Line

If I ever wanted fashion advice, I certainly wouldn't ask a footballer. Apparently Tottenham's Gareth Bale thinks he knows better, though. Like Mo Farah and Usain Bolt before him, he's selling out to the moneyman, using his incredibly famous heart-shaped goal celebration to flog you clothes and bags. Yeah, I'm sure it'll be amazing. Read More >>

If All Storm Troopers Looked Like This I'd Join the Empire In a Heart Beat

Do you know what the Empire's lacking? Women. Why were the Storm Troopers all blokes? Maybe it's because no one made them any, errr, decent costumes? How about these supposedly sexy Star Wars getups? Read More >>

Wrangler's New Jeans Are a Skin-Softening Spa in Your Pants

You've been thinking it for ages: What you really want your jeans to do is make your butt feel like it's just been lathered with lotion. Pine for these skin softening slacks no longer, because Wrangler has invented moisturising jeans. Read More >>

You Can Totally Afford a Birkin Bag—If It's Made of Lego

The Hermes Birkin bag is the handbag holy grail. One costs as much as £100,000 and for years you'd have to sit on a lengthy waiting list just for the right to buy the pricey purse. The list no longer exists, but even if you're lacking an extra stack of cash you can have a Lego Birkin bag right now. Read More >>

Attention Everyone: Pizza Hut Perfume Is a Real Thing

Did you know there are pheromones in pizza? It's true. Anyone who has spent any time in uni knows this. And so does Pizza Hut, which just came out with Pizza Hut Perfume. Read More >>


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