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What Is Wet Plate Photography?

By Haje Jan Kamps on at

As a true film aficionado it's interesting to dig deeper into the history of photography, and give wet-plate photography a shot. If you manage to avoid poisoning yourself or blowing up half your city, it can give awesome results!

The Impossible Project: No Plans to Revive the Dead Kodachrome

By Kat Hannaford on at

The idea of pressing a button and seeing a photo pop out and develop in front of your eyes may be an old idea, but it's recently been introduced to a new crowd thanks to The Impossible Project, which began three years ago after Polaroid announced it was ceasing instant film production. I caught up with their founder Dr. Florian Kaps this film week to discuss future products, and to find out why their film isn't as expensive as everyone thinks it is.

The Most Perfectest Hamburger in the World Makes My Mouth Orgasm

By Casey Chan on at

Seeing Chef Maxime Bilet talk about how the Modernist Cuisine created the most ultimate hamburger in this entire world, makes me cry happy meat tears. Everything was scientifically considered, from the fluffy bun and lab made cheese, to the sous-viding and cryofrying process. I'll go vegetarian for you, baby.

How to Make a Pinhole Camera From an Egg

Since I started pinhole-ing the world, I've had the strongest desire to make a special camera, with the purpose of shooting just one photograph. The purpose was to sacrifice the camera in the process of photo creation – I wanted the camera to become the photograph. To help you understand, the process from the camera to the photograph is the same that ties the baby bird to the egg: the bird grows protected from the shell and when it's ready, it breaks the egg and comes out.

Welcome to Film Photography Week

By Kat Hannaford on at

I still remember the day I ditched my old film Canon and "upgraded" to a 4-megapixel digital Ricoh camera. But recently I've gone back a few steps, savouring the creativity that courses through my veins every time I pop a roll of 35mm into a camera, and the fear of the impending, unknown results. Whether you shoot film or not, I hope you learn something from Giz UK's first theme week.