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WAHHHH! These Horrible People Didn't Get What They Wanted for Christmas

By Casey Chan on at

Christmas! A cheerful time, right? The spirit, the decorations, the gift giving, the time off, it's supposed to be happy! Not for these horrible people. Ungrateful punks and out-of-touch teens have all taken to Twitter to complain about what they didn't get for Christmas and how they now hate life and everything Santa Claus. It's a shit show.

These Photographs Are Really Amazing Oil Paintings

By Jesus Diaz on at

Hyperrealist painting is nothing new. Derived from photorealism in the '70s, this early aughts art movement aims to turn actual photographs into paintings. These are extraordinary examples by a young Italian painter, Roberto Bernardi. His command of oil painting just defies belief, doesn't it?

In the '80s, Apple Fanboys Were Douchebags Too

By Jesus Diaz on at

One could argue that everyone in the '80s dressed up like douchebags. That's probably true. I'm guilty of that (thanks mum!). But you can also argue that Apple users wearing Apple gear looked extra-douchebaggy with vagina cleaning foam on top.