This is How an Amazing Photoshop Job Turns Dozens of Pictures into One Magical Image

Image compositing is a common practice in digital art and advertising. But often the crazy extent of it is completely invisible. Like the image above, which is made of a few dozen separate pictures. This GIF--posted to Reddit--peels back the layers of one meticulously crafted scene. Read More >>

Photographer Reveals the Secret of the Windows XP Desktop Image

Charles O'Rear is the photographer who took Bliss, the image that became the desktop of every single Windows XP computer in the world. Billions saw it and probably think the photo is so perfect and colourful that it is computer generated—or at least Photoshopped. O'Rear reveals the origin of the photo in this video. Read More >>

Identifying With Kevin McAllister

Usually when you watch a film, your reaction to it is all tangled up in what's going on in your life at the time. Having had a pretty good day can see you declare The Holiday a filmic masterpiece (it's not far off but come on, Jack Black is in it), while being a bit hungry and without easy access to snacks can mean that Citizen Kane will forever seem like the world's longest and most boring film. Read More >>

This Folded Aircraft Looks Like a Spaceship

From this perspective and in their fully folded stow position, the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey looks like a some weird spaceship concept. It's amazing how these things fold. It's fully automatic too. Here's a video showing the process: Read More >>

Super-Creepy Phone Shop Worker Convicted of Stealing Customers' Nude Photos

What's the worst experience you've had in a phone shop? A disinterested worker, unable to get you the tariff you want perhaps? Sure, that's frustrating. But that's nothing compared to having a gross shop worker take your phone in for "repairs", only later to find he'd been getting off on your private photos. Read More >>

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A Simple Photographic Trick Lets You See Invisible Things

The world is full of things you can't see: the heat coming off your hand, the spray of a sneeze, even the sound of two hands clapping. But a simple camera trick called Schlieren flow visualization turns those invisible waves of light into beautiful plumes of movement. With this trick you can literally see invisible things. Read More >>

An Unscientific Defence of Swine Flu Drug Tamiflu, by Someone Who Took It

Back in the summer of 2009, when I was unemployed and able to afford the luxury of being properly ill, I was struck down with swine flu. It nearly killed me (pretty much), and, despite today's damning report, anti-flu drug Tamiflu may have saved my life. Read More >>

Would You Care if British Number Plates Took on the EU Design?

The UK's traditional yellow-rear and white-front car number plates may be under threat, as an EU vote concerning a standardised European plate system goes to the vote. Read More >>

How Heartbleed Works: The Code Behind the Internet's Security Nightmare

By now you've surely heard of Heartbleed, the hole in the internet's security that exposed countless encrypted transactions to any attacker who knew how to abuse it. But how did it actually work? Once you break it down, it's actually incredibly simple. And a little hilarious. But mostly terrifying. Read More >>

Google Reveals More Design Details About its Modular Ara Phone

Google has already been very open when it comes its modular Ara phone, and now a Module Development Kit for the phone reveals more about the device than ever. Read More >>

Bacon Was the First Thing Ever Eaten on the Moon

Setting foot on the moon for the first time was perhaps one of the biggest technological, scientific and political achievements of our age. So what better way to celebrate, after exploring that new lunar landscape, than with bacon? Read More >>

Why do Chinese Investors Want to Build a Dubai-Style City in Kenya?

A coalition of 100 investors announced plans to build a "Chinese-controlled economic zone" populated by skyscrapers and luxury residences. Their new city will be in Kenya, but the goal is to "match the glamour of Dubai." What would motivate investors to go to the trouble of building a massive new city in a country other than their own? It's pretty simple, actually. Read More >>

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Shooting Challenge #31 -- Spring. The Winner Is…

In our most recent Shooting Challenge we set you the task of photographing the joys of Spring. While the weather wasn’t great, it didn’t dampen your spirits and you created some cracking images. Read More >>

RIP Ultimate Warrior: Here are the Wrestling Legend's Best Moments

Only three days after being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, James Hellwig, better known as the Ultimate Warrior, has died at the age of 54. No cause of death has been revealed yet. To commemorate The Warrior's incredible career, above is a collection of some of his best moments. Read More >>

Everything We Know So Far About Star Wars: Episode VII

When it was announced that Disney would be making more Star Wars films some people celebrated, and others died a little inside as they anticipated Jar Jar 2.0. Now that filming on Episode VII has begun, how much do we actually know about this film? Read More >>

How Britain's Wind Turbine Controversy Blows Oop Narth

Energy production always manages to cause a great deal of tension in this country, and certain people in power are even trying their very best to get on-shore wind farms banned. I live in Rochdale, which is roughly ten miles north of Manchester, the home of the largest on-shore wind farm in the country – Scout Moor. Read More >>


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