We're Going to Have to Wait a Month For More Raspberry Pis

Bad news I’m afraid my fellow avid Raspberry Pi-buyers – if you didn’t manage to snag one in the melee before it sold out, there’s going to be at least a month’s wait till more stock rolls into the UK. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Now Available to Buy In Britain -- If You Can Find One

Yes, the fabled day has come. You can now buy that itsy-bitsy British-born pocket computer we’ve all been so excited about. It’s time to plonk down your £21.60 and snag yourself a mini-marvel. Read More >>

Raspberry Pi Shows Off Its Shiny New Fedora Linux Remix

The Raspberry Pi is so close I can almost taste it. I’m not quite sure why I’m so excited about it; maybe it’s the low cost and pure hackability of it. At any rate, we now have a video walking you through its brand new Fedora Remix to ogle over. Read More >>


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