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Let's Get Caught Up on Five Years of Fermi Space Porn

At this very moment, NASA's Fermi space telescope is up in the sky, zooming around Earth, and doing space stuff like sidestepping Soviet space junk and spotting mysterious galactic soap bubbles. For its (roughly) five year anniversary, NASA put out a little montage of the 'scopes stellar achievements so far, and the list is impressive. Read More >>

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NASA Explains How You Use Experimental Rocket Engines to Dodge Soviet Spy Satellites

NASA's Fermi gamma-ray telescope-cum-satellite recently had a run-in with a defunct Soviet spy satellite, nearly causing a very expensive and very spectacular mid-air explosion. To avoid it, the eggheads had to fire up the one-use-only rocket engines, which were never meant to be lit up during the serviceable life of the satellite. The full tale is in the surprisingly gripping video above. [YouTube via Wired] Read More >>

Watch the Universe Draw an Awesome Spirograph in the Sky

Oh Universe, you will never cease to amaze me, with all your galaxies and your pulsars and supernovas and your planets and your alien civilisations that never show up and all that starstuff we love so much. You know, like the fact that you draw perfect spirographs in the sky all the time. Read More >>

Scientists Discover Mysterious Colossal 'Soap Bubbles' In the Middle of Our Galaxy

Scientists have discovered two gigantic structures resembling soap bubbles in the middle of the Milky Way, above and below the galactic plane. How gigantic? 25,000 light-years tall, one quarter the size of our galaxy! They are not sure where they are coming from. Read More >>


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