Sky and TalkTalk Battle BT's Fibre Dominance With 1Gb FTTP Wire-up of York

Brave people of York! There is another way! As well as desperately checking your exchange data for news while BT rolls out its fibre broadband, Sky and TalkTalk are joining with CityFibre to bring a rival "ultra-fast" network to the city. Read More >>

BT's Rural Broadband Plans Criticised by MPs for Lacking Useful Details

The complex plan to wire up the messier rural parts of the country have been criticised by a group of MPs again, who say that BT's failing to provide accurate future coverage and speed data and also accuse it of altering plans to freeze out the competition. Read More >>

This Little Intel Cable Moves Data at a Staggering 800Gbps

This unassuming little green cable may not look like much, but it can carry data along its core at a breathtaking 800Gbps. Read More >>

The Fastest Real-World Internet Created by UK Researchers

Fibre internet is great no matter who's laying it down. Gigabit connection speeds? Hell yes. But if you thought that was fast, researchers in the UK have something better that will not only blow your hair back, but blow it right off: a 1.4 terabit connection, and all with commercial-grade hardware. Read More >>

Tech Life in a Rural Place That Isn't London

It's a bit "London!" around here sometimes, isn't it? London's getting a new train. People ride bikes in London now, don't you know? London's getting a special type of coffee only for London people. London's got a new skyscraper shaped like a spatula. And so on. Read More >>

We Might Get Fibre-Like Broadband Speeds on the Train From 2015

The sorry state of rail-based internet connections might be about to improve over the next year or six, with the Conservative transport secretary announcing plans to introduce broadband speeds of up to 50Mbps to the majority of rail lines, starting from 2015. Read More >>

Ofcom Wants ISPs to Make Broadband Switching Quicker and Easier

Ofcom boss Ed Richards wants the UK ISPs to introduce new measures to make switching broadband provider much more straightforward, so we can enjoy flip-flopping between internet pipes with ease whenever a cheaper deal comes along. Read More >>

Netflix Streams Coming to Virgin Media TiVo Boxes

Two of our media titans are set to collide, with old world cable TV and ISP network Virgin Media set to start carrying content from new media streaming darling Netflix. Read More >>

BT Sport Channels Now Available in HD on Virgin Media

The two BT Sport channels and their ESPN overseas exchange student buddy are now available on Virgin Media, with the cable network providing them for free to anyone who currently subscribes to the Virgin XL TV bundle. Read More >>

Average UK Broadband Speeds Rocket by 41 Per Cent in a Year

The rise of the fibre network had an enormous impact on the UK's average broadband speeds over the last 12 months, with the average internet user now connected to the online world of infinite fun at a lightning 7.9Mbps. Read More >>

Sky's Wi-Fi Router Isn't Fast Enough to Deliver its Top Fibre Speeds

The latest version of the Sky Hub router Sky gives out to its fibre broadband customers has a bit of a problem, with tests finding it can't deliver the fastest advertised fibre speeds over its Wi-Fi connection. Ooops. Read More >>

BT's Full-Bore 300Mbps Fibre Will Only Cost £50 a Month

We've heard many times before that BT's been testing its stonkingly quick 300Mbps fibre, but now we have a price and a rough timeframe. 300Mbps can be yours for just £50 a month (plus line rental, of course) from later this year. No traffic shaping, no limits, just absolutely blazing broadband. Read More >>

Chopped Cable Downs Virgin Media TV and Internet on the South Coast

The precious umbilical cord of light that connects thousands of Portsmouth and Southampton residents to the internet has been cut through by engineers, leaving thousands of Virgin customers in the area without telly and cable broadband. Read More >>

Paired Fibre Beams Boost Range and Speed of Fibre Networks to Colossal 400Gbps

Some clever research into boosting fibre optic speeds has managed to increase the range and capacity of fibre, thanks to sending two data streams down the pipe instead of one. Read More >>

£50m Says You Might Get Hyperoptic's Gigabit Internet in a Year or Five

Niche ISP Hyperoptic, which does pretty well for itself from wiring up blocks of flats with  FTTH links that provide internet speeds hitting the 1Gbps dream speed, has secured £50m in cash to help spread its super-superfast internet dream across the more densely populated bits of the UK. Read More >>

Tokyo ISP's Insane 2Gbps Fibre Broadband Now Live

A Sony-backed ISP in Japan has launched an astonishingly quick new broadband option, letting local users register for an unbelievable two gigabytes per second home fibre service. But don't be too jealous, they'll probably only get 1.7Gbps in the evenings. Read More >>


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