This New Camera Stabiliser Could Change Cinematography Forever

A new piece of filmmaking gear was just announced that could completely re-invent the complex process of camera stabilisation. It's currently being tested and endorsed by Vincent LaForet, who's given us a little taste of what it's capable of. Read More >>

Hollywood-Backed iOS App Vyclone Pioneers Social iFilmmaking

The video featured above was created with Vyclone, the filmmaking app for iPhone and iPad that launches publicly today. Read More >>

A Hefty Flywheel Makes This Dolly a Smooth Operator

A few simple camera moves can make your low-budget film look like a Hollywood feature. And thanks to a heavy steel flywheel at its core, the Polly Dolly ensures smooth tracking and dolly shots with just a single finger's push. Read More >>

Cheaper Digital Face Transplants For Filmmakers On a Budget

It's a modern filmmaking technique that's been used in big-budget Hollywood features for years now, but a Harvard comp-sci student has developed software that does digital face replacements without the need for a skilled effects artist, reducing its cost. Read More >>


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