Uh Oh, UK Porn Filter Also Blocks VPNs

It looks like yet more non-porn things are going to get blocked in the UK as part of the indiscriminate filtering. VPNs are apparently now a target of filtering because they could possibly be used by children to get around age gates. Great, way to go and ruin it for the rest of us. Read More >>

800 Porn Site Requests Made From UK Parliament Network Every Day

It looks like our MPs have been conducting some serious research into the amounts of shocking pornography available on the internet, with a freedom of information request revealing that a staggering 300k requests for sites categorised as "porn" were made over the last year from Parliament computers. Read More >>

The Great Firewall of Cameron: Why the UK's Porn Filtering Won't Work, and Won't Help

David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, could have buried almost any bad news on the same day as a royal birth. Instead, the main grievous news he had to offer -- his plan for pervasive censorship of the British Internet -- was entirely his own making. His speech has been critiqued for its grandstanding and for ignorance of how the Internet works, but the lasting damage of his new initiative will serve to extend the precedent that the UK government and private actors can interfere with Internet communications without regulation or legislative oversight, and to undermine the safety of the children it seeks to protect. Read More >>

Online Porn Is Here to Stay in the UK: Automatic Smut Block Rejected Amid Public Apathy

The idea of making online porn an "opt-in" luxury has been binned, with government ministers saying there simply isn't enough public enthusiasm to support a default ISP block on all adult material. Read More >>

This App Lets You Strip Annoying Instagram Filters Off Pictures

Instagram has made retro-filters all the rage, but maybe you like to look at regular pictures, with their original colours intact. Tough luck? Maybe not anymore. The Normalize app for iOS can go ahead and strip those things right off if you're not a fan. Read More >>

TalkTalk's Porn Filter Fails to Stop Massive Porn Site

A mother who claims she was "testing" TalkTalk's porn filter by having a look around Pornhub was shocked to find that the ISP's filtering system failed to block the site. As if the name wasn't enough of a clue. Read More >>


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