A Light-Up Star Wars TIE Advanced Webcam Is Your "Die Rebel Scum" Deal of the Day

Unlike its 1977 movie counterpart Little Johnny And The Disco Devils, Star Wars has never fallen out of favour with ‘the kids’. There’s been a slew of merchandise ever since, while in contrast, no Disco Devils play figures actually exist any more. Read More >>

A Cheap 32GB Flash Drive Is Your Entire Life On a Stick Deal of the Day

If you think about it, portable data storage is an incredible thing. Little USB sticks that you can cram, music, pictures and movies on to – and it’s small enough for you to carry around in your mouth. Yes, YOUR MOUTH. Read More >>

Pretty Much Every Final Fantasy Game For PlayStation, Ever, Is Your Deal of the Day

Quick -- someone call a doctor and get us our minds pumped clean! We’re suffering from a gaming overdose here!! Aaarggghh!!11!!! Read More >>

Square Enix "May" Have Been Hacked -- 1.8m User Details Possibly Stolen

Popular game developer Square Enix took its web sites offline yesterday, warning that hackers "may have gained unauthorized access to a particular Square Enix server." Read More >>

gaming app of the day
Chrono Trigger for iPhone: Time Travel and High Adventure with this Role Playing Classic

There are some games which you only hear spoken about in a hushed whisper, such is the awe and respect they command. Chrono Trigger is one such game, routinely cited as one of the very best role-playing games ever made. Designed by the developer dream-team of Hironobu Sakaguchi (creator of Final Fantasy), Yuji Horii (creator of Dragon Quest) and Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragonball Z), it presented players with a radical new take on the genre, including multiple endings, character side-quests, and a unique battle system. Read More >>


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