More BlackBerry Woes as it Cancels Two Phones and Annual Conference

Things really are not going well for BlackBerry, and despite claims that it's not going to die just yet - things are looking ever worse now with for the company as it scraps plans left right and centre. Read More >>

HTC Just Made Its Lowest Profit Ever

HTC has announced that it made just £1.8 million in the first three months of 2013, which Bloomberg claims is its slimmest profit on record. Read More >>

Microsoft Might Owe Denmark More Than £670 Million in Unpaid Tax

A new report by Denmark's national broadcasting corporation, DR, suggests that Microsoft owes the country over £670 million in unpaid tax. Read More >>

Sneaky Tax Tactics Save Apple Billions of Dollars

The NY Times is reporting that by routing huge amounts of income through low-tax places like Nevada, Ireland, Luxembourg, and the British Virgin Islands, Apple probably avoided paying $2.4 billion dollars in US taxes last year alone. That's billion, with a B -- around £1.47 billion over here. Read More >>


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