Samsung Just Gave Sharp £73 Million to Guarantee LCD Supply

Sharp has just announced that it's getting a £73 million shot in the arm from Samsung. In turn, that will help guarantee Sammy as many LCD panels as it can use. Read More >>

HTC Reports Its Lowest Profits Since 2004

Despite releasing a handful of stellar handsets, the end of last year brought bad news for HTC. The company's posted a profit of just £21.5 million for the final quarter of 2012 — its lowest ever since 2004. Read More >>

Apple Only Pays 1.9 Per Cent Tax Outside the US

According to an international financial statement filed by Apple, the company manages to pay just 1.9 per cent income tax on its earnings outside the US, meaning it pays a mere £446-odd million in tax on earnings of about £23 billion. Read More >>

How eBay Became Relevant Again

When a website goes into tailspin common wisdom dictates that there's no way it can make a comeback. But in recent time eBay has done just that, transforming its dismal financial state into successes resembling its glory days. How the hell did it do it? Read More >>

Nokia Has Sold 4 Million Lumias — But It's Still Making a Loss

Nokia has just released its financial report for the second quarter of 2012, and it's bitter-sweet. While Lumia sales are really taking off, the company continue to operate at significant loss. Read More >>


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