Playboy Gets a £100,000-Slap Across the Face From Ofcom

Looks like Playboy's been a naughty bunny. Ofcom's fined the smut-peddlers for doing what they do best, all while not protecting the kids well enough. Apparently anyone could gob an eyeful of hardcore with a just few clicks, no credit card required. Read More >>

Judge Approves FTC's Largest Ever Fine, To Be Paid By Google

Nine months on from the Wall Street Journal spotting a massive Google privacy issue—namely, that it was circumventing cookie privacy settings in Safari—the search giant's fate is now sealed. A judge has approved the US FTC's largest ever fine, in the process rejecting appeals from a consumer-rights group that the sum should be higher, which means Google is set to pony up a cool $22.5 million -- around £14m. Read More >>

RIM Forced to Pay £95 Million Damages Over Patent Dispute

The New York Times is reporting that RIM has been found liable of infringing software patents held by Mformation Technologies. There goes £95 million in damages for the BlackBerry manufacturer—more cash it can't afford to lose. Read More >>

London Underground To Get a Big Slap After Driverless Train Ran Amok For Four Miles

Every once in a blue moon, a story like this comes along and scares the bejesus out of every tube traveller, as we put our blind faith and safety into the hands of a group of select, almost-invisible individuals responsible for our travel. In this case, London Underground is set to get a massive fine for endangering lives after a driverless train ran through several stations and narrowly missed hitting a passenger train back in 2010. Read More >>

NHS Facing Record £375,000 Fine Over Medical Data Breach Drives Flogged Online

After hard drives containing sensitive patient data were sold-off on eBay, the NHS has a rather massive fine coming its way from the Information Commissioner's Office. Thing is, it wasn’t exactly the NHS’s fault. Read More >>


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