Lancaster Uni Plans Spot Fines for Drunk Students

There's a sense of unease among student drinkers at Lancaster University's Lonsdale College, where university bosses have announced plans for a £200 spot fine for drunkenness along with a £250 fine for being seen buying a drink for someone who's clearly already a bit far gone. Read More >>

Met Police Issued 14,000 Fines to Cyclists and Drivers in Eight Weeks

In an operation that lasted two months, London Metropolitan Police swarmed the capital in an attempt to increase safety on the roads, handing out over 14,000 fixed penalty notices in the process to those on both two wheel and four. Read More >>

Government May Cut Parking Fines to Kill Council's Cash Cows

Minor parking rule breaches might soon be treated with equally minor financial penalties, with the government said to be thinking of asking councils to lower the minimum fixed fees levied on tiny driving offences like spending five minutes too long trudging around your depressed high street. Read More >>

Pricey Parking Fines Make £594 Million For English Councils

Finding somewhere to park is always an absolute nightmare, especially in the city. It also doesn't help when you have traffic wardens who go out of their way to ensure you bag yourself a ticket for absolutely no reason. Needless to say, parking fines have brought in a great deal of income for councils around the country. Read More >>

Google Grassed on Microsoft About Missing EU Browser Choice Screen

That massive fine handed to Microsoft for forgetting to let PC users choose their browser? It came courtesy of Google, which, according to the FT, was the outraged source that complained to EU antitrust police about the missing select screen from later versions of Windows 7. Microsoft's been well and truly Scroogled out of £480m. [FT] Read More >>

Sony Gets a Whopping £250,000 Slap Across the Face For That PSN Hacking Mess

Ouch, talk about putting the boot in. The Information Commissioner's Office has decided that Sony should have done more to prevent all that PSN hacking back in 2011, which saw millions of users details, including credit cards and addresses, compromised. It's slapped Sony with a huge £250,000 fine. Read More >>

Man Jailed for Paying Facebook User to Take His Driving Penalty Points

A man's clever scheme to avoid adding more penalty points on his driving license ended in a jail term, after he advertised for a stranger to take a speeding ticket on his behalf through Facebook. Read More >>

New M25 Speeding Cameras Haven't Issued a Single Ticket Since 2009

A supposedly cutting-edge new network of overhead speed cameras installed around the M2 has failed to issue any tickets to drivers on our busiest stretches of road. Literally not even one in the last three years. Read More >>

Downloaded 10 Porn Movies? That'll Be £1 Million Please

Poor Kywan Fisher just wanted to have his fill of lonely-bloke entertainment. He downloaded 10 of Flava Works' adult movies, hooking them up to BitTorrent in the process; what a mistake that turned out to be. He's just been ordered to fork out a cool £1 million for the privilege, the largest damages fine ever awarded, in one of only a handful of piracy cases that has actually made it to court. Don't mess with the porn barons. Read More >>

Apple Accused of "Unacceptable Marketing Practices" by EU Justice Commissioner

Viviane Reding, the EU's Justice Commissioner, has been writing to EU member states trying to whip up support for a renewed attack on Apple's selling of its AppleCare extended warranty, which she claims is still being sold without buyers being told that it's often duplicating the statutory EU guarantee. Read More >>

Apple Facing 30-Day Italian Shutdown Over Warranty Fight

Apple's Italian division is facing the crazy prospect of having all of its Apple Store branches closed for 30 days, as punishment for repeatedly ignoring local consumer protection laws and trying to sell punters extended warranties. Read More >>

Apple Facing £1.5m Fine in Australia Over Misleading iPad 4G Connectivity Claims

The Aussie competition watchdog is seeking to impose a fine of $2.25m on Apple over its awkward "4G" claims, which saw Apple fans buying the "4G" tablet despite the fact it couldn't connect to the Australian data network. Read More >>


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