Why Herders in Norway Spray Their Reindeer With Reflective Coating

Finland is a dangerous place for reindeer to be in winter. In a place where it's dark most of the day, these beasts blend in with their surroundings, making it hard for drivers to see them. Thus, Finnish herders are getting creative. Read More >>

1,250 LEDs Shimmer on the Surface of This Abandoned Oil Tank

The shift in season reminded me of this cool old project in cold Helsinki, where a team of designers turned an abandoned oil tank into a lovely, year round public art project. Read More >>

Finns Set a Record by Flinging Phones at Their Crazy Competition

The Finnish might have a background in making phones, but they're also into throwing them. This year, at the 13th annual Mobile Phone Throwing World Championship, Finnish Ere Karjalainen set a new record by launching an old Nokia 100m. Read More >>

iPhone Catches Fire In Finnish Man's Back Pocket, and Thankfully There's CCTV Footage For Everyone to Ogle

Henri Helminen, a 17-year-old Finn, had a lucky escape yesterday -- his 90-day-old iPhone caught fire while it was nestled in his back pocket. Smoke, presumably from the battery, alerted the teenager to the mishap, allowing him to toss the thing out just before it burst into flames. Read More >>

Nokia and Microsoft Launch £15 Million App Development Centre

Microsoft and Nokia are continuing their love-in, today announcing plans to invest a cool 18 million Euros into a new app development centre, to be based in Finland. Read More >>

Bomb Threats Thrown About as Finnish Anti-Piracy Mess Escalates

The recent hacking of a couple of Finnish anti-piracy sites has stepped up a level, or several levels in fact, with one of the anti-piracy groups revealing it received a bomb threat after assisting in blocking popular BitTorrent site The Pirate Bay. Read More >>

Anonymous Takes Out Finnish Anti-Piracy Sites as Finland Follows UK Lead

Anonymous is at it again and this time they’ve been irked by the Finns. It launched a DDoS campaign against two Finnish anti-piracy sites, after a court order forced Elisa, a Finnish ISP, to block The Pirate Bay. The Finns seem to be following a similar course to us Brits, with the recent Newzbin2 blockades here in the UK, and Anonymous isn’t happy about it. Read More >>

Anonymous Forces Resignation Of Finnish Neo-Nazi Parliamentary Aide

Chalk another one up to the Anonymous collective and their battle against discrimination, among other things. Anonymous Finland hacked a neo-Nazi site and leaked its membership database embarrassing a Finnish parliamentary aide. Read More >>


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