Illuminate Your Frustration With a Giant Light-up Rubik's Cube

Ah the Rubik's Cube. That infuriating block of colours that no one can solve without pulling off the stickers, utilising some sort of black magic, or inventing a frickin' robot to solve it for them. 40 years since it was first released on an unsuspecting world, the Rubik's Cube hasn't changed a great deal, but Firebox has announced a brand new version of the infuriating puzzle -- the Rubik's Cube Light. Read More >>

This Kids' VW Camper Van Tent is Beyond Adorable

While the kids might not be old enough to hit the festivals in a proper vee dub just yet, they can at least pretend to rock out in their own wee-little camper van tent, a miniature version of the full-sized VW tent we loved last year. I wish Firebox sold this when I was young... Read More >>

The Best/Worst April Fool's Day Gags of 2012

It's the most dreaded day of the year, particularly for tech bloggers who have to be extra-watchful for spurious rumours and chancers' product announcements. But that doesn't mean there aren't some real doozies that are worth a chuckle or two. Step over the banana skin on the floor, and take a gander below: Read More >>

Now You Can Actually Buy That Edible Gold Spray to Make All Your Food Tasteless

Remember that edible spray paint that you could use make anything gold coloured to live out your Goldmember fantasies with? Now you can actually buy it in the UK and give your Yorkshire puddings a bit of sparkle. Read More >>

Smittens -- All the Romantic Hand-Holding with None of the Frostbite

Holding hands is one of the easiest ways you can show affection for your significant other but quickly becomes a test of true love when the mercury drops — unless, of course, you two are wearing the Smitten. Read More >>

No, You Do Not Need a Set of Wi-Fi Cufflinks

I've seen novelty cufflinks with all kinds of absurd functionality before, but for the life of me I can't figure out who would ever actually need the ability to create a wireless hotspot while wearing a fancy suit or tuxedo. Read More >>

Stick a Jetpack On Your Christmas List

There's your average gadget-toy Christmas presents like an iPhone controlled helicopter or a rolling robot camera, and then there's a jetpack. Firebox have put the JetLev Flyer up for pre-order, which propels you 10m high at up to 22mph just using water. Read More >>

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A Retailer's Christmas List You May Actually Want to Buy From

Without fail, one of the most boring stories every Christmas is Hamley's top toys for Christmas. Justin Bieber dolls? R/C helicopters? Singing Elmos? What are we, five? Firebox's kicked off Christmas early with their top predictions for this year's big sellers, and most of them are actually aimed at people like us. Read More >>

A Poster Made Up of Your Tweets Is a Scary Thing to Witness

To grab our attention, Firebox has been surprising bloggers with a poster (or #tweetportrait as they're calling it), made up of a bunch of their recent tweets. Step back a few paces, and your horrifically-gurning portrait is revealed. Take a look at the one they sent me (affixed above my messy hellhole cubicle). Read More >>

Too Early For Mince Pies It May be, But Mince Pie-Flavoured Popcorn Is OK. Right?

Citing years of research and development, Joe & Seph's flavoured popcorn has landed on Firebox's shelves. Novelty flavours such as mince pie; goat's cheese and black pepper; caramel, pepper and chilli, and caramel and espresso cost £6 for 130g bags. You'll be pleased to hear I've already requested a roast dinner flavour for the future. [Firebox] Read More >>


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